Feral ‘Loser’ : Mis-givings, mistakes, mis-fortunes, and hopeful taking of ‘better’ steps into our individual horizons.


It’s hard. Finding the one who really come close to even the basics of a right ‘partner’, that is. But life is complicated. Maybe not at that instance of hooking up, but maybe in hindsight and learned lessons.

Guess that’s where Feral’s single ‘Loser’ comes into play, as its designed language of words, remorsefully take you back to your own intimate and personal memories of those ‘failed’ relationships.

And ‘Loser’ is a fabulous play of scenarios. Where Feral (Kelsey Ferrell) shines, and really gives you that reason to hold on and listen.

Feral said: “I wrote a song about a guy and so he later told all our mutual friends that I was ‘totally into him,” which wasn’t exactly true. I felt like he felt a little too special, and so I came up with the phrase ‘you’re not the only loser that I fucked,’ in response to him.”

“That evolved into the song Loser, which is about the mistrials of sleeping around in my college years,” she continued. “It grew to be about many different people and experiences and stands as a critique to sex positive culture, which, in a heterosexual framework, often coaxes women into a false sense of security in their sexual pursuits, leading them to get hurt in both cruel and criminal ways because of a misleading and somewhat naive branch of feminism.”

Strong, wild and of a person who does the best she can, the charming single is a kind petting of our own mis-givings, mistakes, mis-fortunes, and hopeful taking of ‘better’ steps into our individual horizons.

Refreshing revelry from a fun and fabulous soul, indeed.


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