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Ferentz and The Felons Shares ‘Keeping Company’. Complexity Comes With The Territory.

FERENTZ And The Felons is a rock band that is home-grown from the hectic life of Hudson County New Jersey, and they have a lot of things to say. And one of those methods is to say them through song and in their single ‘Keeping Company’, the sentimentality comes pouring through with collage of memories that can be tacked onto that bare white walls, bringing life back to the solum and sometimes lonesome travels in life.

The mix of folk and blues helps this band bring out and highlight the subjects they deem dear to them. The addition of the ‘angst’ and ‘anger’ towards the misfortunes of living in this world is a constant pattern throughout their songs. It’s none different with ‘Keeping Company’ and the bubbling affections contrasting the calm exterior offering of the single, is something to witness.

For we are all human beings.

We all can relate to the ‘other side’ of ourselves.

The inner personality that keeps it ‘managed’.

Being complex is what we humans do, very well.

The ongoing struggle is real with many of us, and simply singing about it helps in the long run.

Let’s celebrate.

The band consists of: Zak Ferentz, Matt Waz, Robert Dudziak, and Rich Catalano.



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