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Georgia Wallace


Jon Weston sings his heart out in FEVRMOON’s single ‘The Work’. Softly and majestically, the lyrics impinge with galant existence in the single, as the injection of pop-funk elements add to the fray. ‘The Work’ is the first single to be offered to the world. And as the alt-pop endeavor builds world within its sultry atmosphere, Jon’s melancholic but strangely buoyant vocals relegate our little senses to a new realm of possibilities. With Anton Patzner as the other half of this dynamic project, the Oakland California based duo is here to serve some musical goodness. We’re in.

Trunky Juno – Patrick Swayze

‘Patrick Swayze’ is that fantasy of being that hero. Because love determines our wishes to be better for the one we care about so. But we are a bit disappointed at what we really are and the inability to deliver on that self-anointed promise. She loves you anyway. She does. It’s the effort to be better, the man you could be that matter now. The old timey pop drive is what TRUNKY JUNO brings, and it’s indelibly irresistible. Connection ot what’s been and what we might have become, is a normal and regretful angst of being a human being. ‘Patrick Swayze’ recognizes that in you. It recognizes that difficulty. It was meant to be. This lo-fi single signals the nascent levels of our personal developments, in a beautifully made pop-culture swath.

Pink Matter – Wonder

All female neo-soul/pop band PINK MATTER is incredibly notable. Electronics focused, the thrust of the band is apparent from the get go, and it will not let go. “’Wonder’ is new territory for us as a band,” stated PINK MATTER, “we’re exploring more variety sonically and have started collaborating with some of our idols. It was a lot of fun working with Harvey Sutherland for this one! We’re really happy with the end product because we’ve used a lot of sounds and effects that are new and different for us, but our style as a band and our songwriting still shines through. We struggle to put Wonder in a box to label it/ describe it to people, and we like that about it because then people can fill in the gaps and take what they want from it.” Brisbane originating, the band is quite unavoidable, as every sense of notes and arrangement hit with full on impact. The band consists of Kerry Raywood, Megan Christensen, Izzy De Leon, and Libby Scott.

Bokito – Colleen Bawn

‘Colleen Bawn’ is BOKITO’s 5th single release. Quite good ain’t it?? Yep, it sure is. With off kilter timing, rock-pop antics, and reliable funkadelic psychedelia, the sing is a pronouncement of how the band continues to drive with utter skill and delight. Uplifting in its development and lyrical exercises, the song rumbles with the grumble of what it means to be significant. Frontman Moses Moorehouse puts upon the gifted vocal presentation that he’d displayed, with an additional shine and methods of immersive communication. Hooky, dancey – if you wanna. But we think you will, and play it again.

The Cheap Thrills – Smile When You Sleep

THE CHEAP THRILLS will be playing the 2019 Great Escape Weekend & LIverpool Sound City (May 4-5). Lead singer, Lewi stated: ”’Smile When You Sleep’ lists our problems with sleep in various different ways but I think it highlights the beauty of sleep too.” Hey, we think about that too! Funny ain’t it how some people think alike, even an when an ocean separates? Lewi continued: “It also questions how you feel sleeping with someone else as opposed to sleeping alone. It’s always about progression with songs for us. We want people to connect to these tunes and sing them back to us.” If you can’t feel the fun off of this single, we might have to get you to the hospital. Anywho, dig this one with us, just like we did.


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