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Fidelity Project Shares ‘Shift’. Let The Fear Envelope You. Then Let It Escape You.

The beginning of this single ‘Shift’ from FIDELITY PROJECT is the cream on top of that sundae. It’s smooth, emotive, luxurious, and it beckons that notion (part of you that wants to escape) of parting ways with your walking stick down the ravine of trepidation – a ravine that has been holding you back from the tender age of your past.

Let it go.

Let the fear envelope you.

Let it do its deed.

Then see it pass through, and escapes you.

Slowly, but surely, accepting that most scared you – into becoming a part of you, instead. It becomes your friend. It is a companion for the new chapters in your life.

Managing and coping, nurturing and directing.

Keep your eyes open.

Keep your pride evolving.

By the end of this fabulous single, we’d been transported 10 states to the west, and we kinda didn’t wanna return.

The debut EP ‘Out from Under’ just released and is available now.




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