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Field Music – Count It Up (Official Audio)

It’s a video. But just of the audio. We know, we know. We all want new music videos. But we all love listening to Field Music, don’t we??

So, have at it.

The new song is ‘Count It Up’ and it’s a dandy of an offering; which was taken from their upcoming album ‘Open Here’ (due to drop 2nd February, 2018).

‘Count It Up’ is a wry critique of privilege that bounces along like an upside-down Material Girl. David Brewis explained.

“I didn’t want to write a song about “counting blessings” – that’s just not how I see things – but every time I’m tempted to judge someone else, I should keep in the back of my mind that I’m an educated, white, western male, with supportive parents. Pretty much every line in the song is something I can count up.”


His new album package will be on transparent vinyl, CD and download. Exclusive bundles include tea towel and sets of 5 postcards.


They’re rep’ed by fabulous Memphis Industries, doing their thang in London.



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