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Field Music said ‘Open Here’ and we did. You should too in Feb 2nd.

Their label calls them ‘mighty’. We call them ‘dang mighty’!

On February 2nd, 2018 there will be a reckoning. We can all open the new album ‘Open Here’ and be very very excited!

David Brewis said of this: “..where ‘Commontime’ felt like a distillation of all of the elements that make up Field Music, this feels like an expansion; as if we’re pushing in every direction at once to see how far we can go”.

Go figure. Thought David would say something like that.

Oh, we agree though.

You, we, and all of mankind, can pre-order on limited edition transparent 180g vinyl, CD & cassette.

The package also includes, signed test pressings, a tea towel and a set of 5 postcards, or head to Rough Trade to nab it on limited edition blue vinyl.


Go here for options.


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