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Fields&. Shares ‘White Holes in the Blue’. “Not so easy sometimes.”

FIELD&. is a project of Ernest Brockman. He’s all about acoustics, lyrics, and classic thoughts on paper distributed with love for his audience to listen to – and maybe feel what he felt.

‘White Holes In The Blue’ conceptualizes a un-remittent angst for the times to come, in the follow up to the recent past’s ghosts. The meanings of now and just upcoming, relies on information that’s carted into the information cloud of this existence. There’s no sense of it sometimes; sometimes with no reason. Intensification of the utmost order, never ceases to amaze how life rolls along for Ernest.

Why do relationships falter? Why do we change as we seem to get used to the other. Is complacency, a precedence to apathy?

Ernest stated: “‘White Holes in the Blue’ paints the bittersweet memory of a 3-year relationship, ultimately turning to look towards hope for the future.”

All we can do is always do our best to move forward with minimal collateral damage.


Well, not so easy sometimes, indeed.



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