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FIGHTS // Shiraz Lane // Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der // VEDA // Jackson Dyer


“FIGHTS proves that scandi rock never died.” That’s the statement from FIGHTS. And we’re not going to argue that. With “face melting guitar solos, hard hitting drum breaks, electrifying bass licks and louder than life vocals”, the beasts of memories from the archives of the best traditions that Black Sabbath comes to mind. And with a more accessible positive punk vibe exuding at the edges of the song, ‘Five AM’ destroys with kindness and irreverent anarchical attitudes. The head bop, you cuss, and at the end of the day, that hooky riff from the song, hits you where your future children will be created. Timing changes, decadently classic guitar solo notes, piled upon the glass strewn floors of your deepest secrets – you die, to be reborn with ‘Five AM’. Give a sh*t, babies! See them @ Verkstedet Bar, Oslo Norway, on November 1st. It’s FIGHTS time.

Shiraz Lane – Revolution

“This song is a statement on behalf of all the people being oppressed or in distress around the planet. It is a chant that encourages everyone out there to raise their voice for debate and attract the collective global awareness on issues of importance and concern.” And when you listen, it takes you back to a gloriously golden time of rock. Combining stadium hair-rock energies and expertise, Shiraz Lane, seamlessly delve into the modern sense of pop and rock. From the exfoliating-ly refreshing vocals, to the hard-rock edge of the 80’s, there’s no going back after experiencing the band’s fab-ness. Solo please. Air guitar time for us all. Let’s rock!

Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der – Marry the Apathy

The duo of Rachel Bobbitt and Justice Der said: “Having a connection and moment with a person or experience in life can easily be compared to the experience of meeting someone on a plane trip. They can come into your life and then leave it for a long time.” Releasing their first full length collaborative album, ‘When This Plane Goes Down…’ the Toronto-based duo wrote many of the tracks remotely during their summer break from college. The results have been emotive, eventful, exploratory, and absorbing. The two artists come from solo backgrounds where each have released their own EPs: ‘Months to Fall’ by Rachel, and ‘Nostalgic For Things to Come’ by Justice. Co-written by the duo and mixed/mastered by Justice, the confounding-ly solvent ambiguities, dissolve into the mists of life and the harshness. Returning to the top of the mountain are the words of ‘Marry The Apathy’, in the hopes of casting off the skin of inabilities and self doubt. That journey…that utter journey of us all, is beautifully encapsulated in this softly measured expression. ‘When This Plane Goes Down…’ is now available.

VEDA – My Graveyard Grl

“50% Shred, 50% Undead,” said VEDA. “That’s how I describe my latest offering ‘My Graveyard Grl’. Your very own 2 part Halloween-themed Netflix Series condensed into song form.” Right on. And when that solo enters its full dance, you’re smitten. You’re head bops to a beat that you’d only dreamt, but had never experienced in this reality. Continued VEDA: “It was written in a studio flat in the north of Amsterdam (which I borrowed from my friend Nils of Blue Bat, to write some smoking new tunes over the summer). I’m not quite sure which dark portal I opened to grab the lyrical theme from, but I think it was a mix of me being isolated and binge listening to MCR’s first album. It was 3am, I was over caffeinated and I wanted to write an undead vampire romance epic – that concluded in the end of the world.” When you thought the carnage was over, your innards are torn apart by the ending, with humping heavy metal drums and guitar/bass torrents. A ‘one-two’ punch that knocks your sock off, then launders them in the latest music machine, then hangs them neatly in the sunshine of your heart’s desires – right by the big window pane in your apartment. What service. Dig.

Jackson Dyer – The Font

“In the tropical North of Australia, around where my brother lives, there are an abundance of beautiful waterfalls that you can trek up to. I wrote ‘The Font’ after one particularly beautiful bush walk that cut through dense jungle and finished at the feet of a gushing waterfall. Personally, I find nature to be very calming and spiritual, and in ‘The Font’, I lyrically compare swimming in the fresh water to being baptized in a natural “baptismal font”. Without formal religion in my life, I find a lot of meaning in the wonder of nature and I wrote this song almost as a gospel hymn, dedicated to unrivaled beauty of the Natural World.” Having arrived in Berlin in 2013, Dyer has progressed from playing on the streets to sharing the stage with the likes of Hozier, Hiatus Kaiyote and Alice Phoebe Lou. Grand, and appointed with soft leather upholsteries of lith rhythms and vocal loveliness, the weight of this spoken folk offering, dowses with a powerful blast of realism. The captivating expressions by Jackson, drives away any demons – for a moment – when you needed it most. The humming of detriments, in living, are rendered with less power upon your derisions in casper pretenses and unjustified emotional immolation. Can nature bring out the good in helping ourselves, once more? Always. Jackson and his music, combine to form an almost unapproachable alliance. An alliance that is fitted with individual delight, and a fortress-like grandeur. Speaking soft and wielding powerful therapies, is where Jackson’s ‘truth’ comes to impress. His LP, ‘Inlet’ drops November 15th.


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