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Film: Courage. Cancer. Fight. Embrace. Acceptance. Boy protects cancer-sick mom. Hearts break.

North is a short-film by Phil Sheerin which was distributed in late-2014. It garnered critical acclaim for its subject matter, and presentation.

The story is about Aaron, a son who visibly struggles with decision he has no control over – his mother’s decision to go through with an assisted-suicide. All that is revealed is that his mother has cancer, is also struggling to keep up with the disease, and cannot go on. Aaron knows this, but dreads not having her live.

This film is about a moment’s moment-in-time. Some have called it ‘incomplete’, but the film correctly points out how chaotic such large decisions can have on a family. Confusion and passions rule the day, even if the setting is calm and soft-spoken.

North is a film that we love, and that’s why we’re repeating its efforts. It’s beautiful, and elegantly acted.

Please have a go.


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