filous ‘Hey Love’ : Fun. Becoming. All that is when The Kooks are involved. Summer goodness.


‘Hey Love’ is the first single from a new project of filous (Percy). The Austrian producer and rising artist has joined teams with The Kooks on a summery, care-free track. Vibrant guitar melodies and youthful energy greet us right out the gate and a starry-eyed look at love hooks you in.

His new song follows the successful releases of previous singles ‘Monday’ featuring Ashe and the indie hit ‘Bicycle’ featuring klei. filous who got his start making music at the age of 10 playing guitar and other live instruments, was introduced to production by his brother and the world of opportunity it opened up.

“Recently I have been thinking about ways to playfully introduce people into the world of a music producer,” Percy added. “For this release we designed a website which hosts a virtual replica of my personal mixing console that you can interact with and manipulate the individual recordings of the song, showcasing the production behind it.”


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