Fior Parie ‘Peach Mouse’ : Cleanses as it demystifies our existence.

Fior Parie

Sudden. But not. Quaking. But never. An alternative vision for sound and sight, Fior Parie cleanses as it demystifies our existence. A blend of the multi-dimensions, salivate in quivers of dreamy aesthetics and altruistic schisms.

The music of Fior Parie possesses a hypnotic magic that insists you immerse yourself within the rich layers of gorgeous sound. The vocals float with elegant ease and the atmospheric soundscapes slowly build around it. It’s easy to spot traces of Mazzy Star’s 90s dream pop, the lo-fi indie of early Soko or Ty Segall’s garage folk.

She’s the friend in song for whom you’d always thought – existed just for you. Counter feeding, manic indie grunge, tackle issues of current, with tongue-in-cheek irony and that oh so decadent dark eye-shadow for life.

Look for more and more of Fior Parie. You can’t resist.

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