Firago ‘Is It True’ : “You ask anyway…Baby, is it true?”


“This tune was written during those crucial moments leading up to the big blowout,” said Firago. “Timelines aren’t adding up, all the missed texts, the dodged questions and that nagging feeling in that back of your brain means you already know, but you ask anyway…Baby, is it true?”

A chilled and dubbed out groove anchors this catchy pop-rock track. The vocal snarl evokes classic British bands like the Arctic Monkeys while the falsetto background harmonies take a page out of John Frusciante’s playbook with RHCP. The ripping solo that closes out the track is both melodic and fast, calling to mind the late-great Eddie Hazel’s work with Funkadelic.

Produced independently in Chicago , the video is a love letter to the city’s incredible skyline and harbor. The production combines dynamic guitars, a monster bassline and punchy drums with a strong vocal front and center. The epic guitar solo that closes the song evokes classic guitar heroes and the long lost days of long, melodic solos. Stay tuned for the twist at the end.

Firago is based in Chicago Illinois, and have played major venues all across the city including House of Blues, Cubby Bear, and Bottom Lounge. They’ve also been featured on multiple local radio stations and news programs. They debuted their single Vertigo in October 2018 and have been releasing a steady stream of singles since.


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