Firefly Search Party ‘Pretty Free’ : Floating on marshmallows of vocal cheers and boppin’ singalong energies.

Firefly Search Party

Dian and Nathan out did themselves on ‘Pretty Free’. The jaunting flex of charm and alt-Ameriana, floating on marshmallows of vocal cheers and boppin’ singalong energies. The talented duo, thinks out of the box with new angles, and in this free-form smile, it offers so much for such small commitments.

With a Weezer and Frente!-like lovable revelry, mix of genres are used to maximum to evoke fabulous feelings and emotional impacts.

“This song is meant to help folks take a moment to enjoy the ‘simple things’,” said the band. “We wanted to take a break from the immensity that is now to allow ourselves, and others, to feel light…even if only for a few minutes. We feel it’s important to celebrate moments of joy where we can find them… Not everyone has even those basic freedoms, but if you do, take joy where you can…and then…whatcha gonna do next?”

Call to arms? A challenge? Plea for us to wake up and take the proverbial deep breath??

All of the above.

Firefly Search Party is a beautifully affectionate and passionate project. Approach, and you’ll get a big hug, all the same.

Dig it.


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