Firemaid ‘Deep End’ : Hope, that we can dig ourselves out. Because there’s so much to live for.


“This song is about debilitating sadness,” said Firemaid of ‘Deep End’. “The kind that paralyzes you and makes you feel like you’re wading through molasses. This song is about being able to remember the warmth of happiness and conjure up a peaceful nostalgia, but not being able to experience joy. It’s about hearing your loved ones wanting to help you, and knowing they can’t. It’s about recognizing your sadness, but not understanding why you are so devastated.”

Power in perception. Reality in flux. Our contortions, often, in life and being, contaminate with gentle swaths of ambience and subservience. A tricky situation of malleable emotions, destined to love, hate and invoke – the hearty convictions of self and no other – palpitate in sways of fragility and nuance.

Firemaid is the project of Kaila Baće (Big Tree, Bows), and within this single, encapsulates that exact unavoidable contrasts that deepen the chasms of guilt, angst, and the inabilities to drive forward.

“But there is power in recognizing this grief, and this song embodies that strength,” added Firemaid. “It begins sparse and desperate, but by the end, there is an epic sense of confrontation, accepting the struggle and yelling into the abyss, screaming into the clouds..”

Firemaid sings in hope. A warmth of desperations, exposed to the sunlight, deserving of better days via recognition and acceptance.

Hope, that we can dig ourselves out. Because there’s so much to live for.

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