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Firemelon Shares ‘Before Goodbye’. “Some Day….One Day.”

There’s very little one wants from a break-up. The heart wants what it wants when it wants it. And from the predicaments of how our lives crumble, it is undoubtedly a place to be impatient. But it’s not the right way to go, unfortunately.

Sonny, wasn’t the smartest nor the hippest. He was just a normal boy, in a normal town, with a normal dog as a pet, who loved to watch snakes fight in the desert air.

Sonja, was the atypical girl who moved to the desert, because of a condition in her lungs. The air was better for her, the doctors told her. She loved extraordinary tales and watching the white fluffy clouds pass by in a breezy afternoon.

Sonny fell to his ‘virtual’ knees in happiness when he saw her.

She never knew he existed, then.

How they got together was a movie in an 80’s teen coming-of-age movie, from the braces, the nerds, and the flood of awkward falls and pranks.

He chipped away at her heart.

She noticed him by the end of that summer.

They were soon an item, and the word spread like wildfire in the small desert town. But then fate was unkind, and Sonja fell ill.

In his thoughts, as he clutched her hands, he cried. “Why is the world so cruel?!” he thought.

He never got an answer.

She passes soon thereafter. He could only long for her and kiss her goodbye. He knew he’d see her in another time and space, someday…one day.

FIREMELON has been entertaining their fans for a long while now, and continues to do so into the next. ‘Before Goodbye’ brings the emotional dispositions of a hard day’s work in that world we sometimes want to inhabit.

Don’t we ever.



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