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Fish House Shares ‘Better for It’. “Get used to it. But it can be better.”

Prog, jazz, city pop, and r&b tinge, all com together in a beautiful convergence in FISH HOUSE’s single ‘Better For It’. With Jake Benavidez, Adam Jacey and Kyle Torr-Brown working towards the coolness and chill, with didactic conversations, the trio of childhoods best friends make music that emboldens you once more for what’s to come.

‘Better For It’ is the first release since their 2018 debut ‘Burns From The Rope’.

“’Better for It’ was tossed around in our live set for a few months before finding its final form on analog tape during a recording session in January,” the band stated, “The song was written during a hectic transitional period and deals with loss in several forms. Whether it be the loss of life, love or a combination of the two, one’s sense of self becomes clouded. Left in the wake of what once was, dissociating can feel like the only answer.”

Living and breathing, doing the best we can with or without the pillars of support you’d had before (and maybe, just slightly, neglected) can make you stronger and wiser.

The trio wants us not to forget that we’re individuals with distinct tastes and visions for our lives.

They just want us to know that life is about challenges and struggle. And that, that is the starting point and not just an exception.

Perspectives change. Might as well get used to it, and try to make things better.



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