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A Shadow Of Jaguar

A Shadow of Jaguar – Love You Hate You

A Shadow of Jaguar is a rock n roll duo based in Brooklyn, NY. And in this blues framed offering, attacks and seeks out the deepest sentiments of you, your inhibitions, and secretive desire to dance and dance more. Scruffy slide, with grating story telling, is our bee’s knees for those dreary days of self sympathies and a perturbed desire for vengeance. Yep. We said it. See these two next @ Radio Free Brooklyn, January 6th, if you wanna have some fun. And that’s guaranteed in ‘Love You Hate You’.

Cmedine – Weighted Sacrifices

Cmedine. Born in Perth Amboy , New Jersey , Cmedine grew up listening to what everyone else around him did, Hip Hop. It wasn’t until his teenage life when he discovered his love for rock. Off of his latest EP ‘Branded In Failure’ (out now), ‘Weighted Sacrifices’ is a compelling hard-rock/metal encapsulation of a composition that delivers in all of the required, and of the x-factor just can’t be denied. Charles Medina is behind this solo project, but when you listen, as from how he’d constructed this single, it is full and vibrant and has a complete band vibe to it. And as it gives you that vibe, the intensity and anxious-confidence of Cmedine’s vocals (that is reminiscent of the best traditions of a band like Rage Against The Machine, etc) kills it on the stage, of your mind and in your soul. The precisely poetic heaviness of the power chords, against the sound effects of the ‘chaos’ of the moment, pounces against the delight of the rap poetry of words and feelings that Cmedine delivers. It’s a complete offering that is surprising and should perk your interested ears, up and atom.

Silklake – Seventeen

Silklake is Egor and the Russia based artist is something else, as he moves forward with another delightful offering in ‘Seventeen’. Egor said: “This song is about how hard sometimes to be young. It’s about first love and it’s also about dreaming of an ideal life when you see your future through the pink glasses. Always instructive, introspective, salient, and dreamy, Silklake’s prominence is in its ability to divulge feelings and attitudes, both hidden and direct. The trepidations of living is engrained in the folds of Silklake’s lyrics, making them approachable, reminiscent, and charming to listen. A beautifully shimmering soundscape offers up a frame of sensations that keeps you invested.

Baylies Band – Librarians of Congress

Eric Baylies, Chris Devona, KC Goodwin, Dwayne the super destroyer and Mike Heffernan make up this intriguing situation named Baylies Band. Quirky lyrics and vibes that is just a small facet of the rock-ness that builds the monument, that is the band, combine to make up an exhilaratingly interesting and (at the end of the day) exuberant time at the live show. The guitar work is excellence, as the notes flow with grace and amplitude. The lyrics decree a loud anthem for fun and seriousness, in the subject at hand, delivering solidarity to the frame of the cause and execution. ‘Librarians of Congress’ delights with exactly that formula and it’s a boppin’ good time. Ol’ school rock, delivered with heart and gumption. The band is based out of Providence Rhode Island. Their latest LP ‘Freudian Ears’ is out now.

Dennis J. Leise – Nobody’s Comin’

Lessons are lessons to be absorbed or to be reflected from. Your reflection. Inner thoughts and feelings for what and how you look at the world. A world where you exist. A world where you are a part, even if you think you are insignificant and never part of the discussion. But that’s where life is so funny. You are indeed a big part of the world that you live. Your footprint and your sphere of potential influence. Your philosophy in health, career, happiness, family, friends, and nearby strangers can feel your presence, if you just want to make that happen. Because it’s you, and there’s only ONE, you. There’s just not enough to tell you otherwise. We think that’s where Dennis J. Leise’s latest ‘Nobody’s Comin’ could mean. Strength comes from within. There’s no doubt. Every change can be done, in the next minute. It’s a minute that can change everything around. If you let it. Don’t depend on another to give you salvation. Let’s depend on the living. Here and now. ‘Nobody’s Comin’ is a hand-clapping foot-stomper that avoids parody while leading Gospel into entirely new territory. Its come-one, come-all message and light bounce even feel a little like a full-band version of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “If I Had A Hammer.” This is the first single off of his LP ‘State of Fairs’ (out now).


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