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Aerialists x Taylor Ashton – Lesson in the Losing

Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for “Emerging Artist of the Year,” the band features the handy works of harpist Màiri Chaimbeul (Darol Anger), guitarist Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on fiddle. Off of their upcoming LP ‘Dear Sienna’, comes this beautiful bluegrass/Americana framed single ‘Lesson In The Losing’. A collaboration with songwriter and vocalist Taylor Ashton, the band invigorates the listening masses with gorgeous fiddle play which bounces off of the horizon-like vocals and lyrics. A new dawn of mistakes and lessons learned, is the incalculable thrust of the song – giving full confidence of relevance and personal gratitude. A gratitude of self announcements and an attitude for gaining in knowledge. They’re mighty popular, indeed. For good reasons. See them next @ The Craigdarroch Hotel, UK on January 22nd.

Hause Plants – City Vocabulary

Guilherme Correia is the man who writes, produces and records from his bedroom with roll-em-up, do-it-yourself moniker of Hause Plants. Fast-paced post punk and indie with shoegaze guitars and a dream pop atmosphere, relieves patents of emotions in ‘City Vocabulary’. Or if you’d like, you don’t need to feel anything through this single, for you can bop, even if you don’t. It’s your choice. It’s your prerogative. It’s your dance time at the midnight hall. “City Vocabulary” is Hause Plants’ first single and a part of the debut EP ‘Public Speaking’, which will be out on 2020. On stage, Hause Plants becomes a trio with: António Baptista Nobre (Drunkyard) on bass and Jantónio Nunes da Silva (Huggs) on drums, joining for the fray. Word.

Dogeyed – Waves

Dogeyed’s new single ‘Waves’ is about a “failing, long distance relationship”. Elder sings: ‘Waves cover me and all my forms, don’t need you home…” with trepidations that overflow with sentiments and self-induced regrets. We all often feel such pains, even if it wasn’t our fault. Things happen. There will be consequences. But that shouldn’t keep you from the next step of growth and experimentation. The time is now, and that time is best to take advantage. The anthemic indie-rock fair, summarizes the often fragmented and fragile glass hearts of ourselves. Formed from the solo project of singer/guitarist Harriet Elder, Tim Rowing-Parker (bassist and recording engineer), and Jonathan Minto (drums). Gold Flake Paint said of the band: “While there’s a tentative, reflective intimacy in their output, there’s also an indisputable tenacity… Elder’s sauntering vocals explore misery and desperation but quickly move towards a powerful recognition. It’s a track that acts like a pal who’ll mop up your tears.” Right on.

Georgia Maria – Musketeers

London-based, Georgia Maria is an acoustic rocker whom first appeared on the scene at the onset of 2019. Seemingly out of nowhere, the dynamic tilt of her songwriting and her powerful vocals get you hooked. In ‘Musketeers’, there is only one part of this fab song that is needed to get you to another realm. That rise – that peak – of the chorus – it all culminates with dynamism and the charm of the hard-rock foundation of Georgia’s demeanor. What a contrast of vibes. It certainly opens up your eyes, as the skies seem to fall down from above, cracking open new visions. Said in a New Year’s message from Georgia: “It’s been my first year writing, performing, recording and releasing my own material. I played more gigs than I can count (except of course I did keep count! 172!), wrote a batch of songs that I’m proud to put my name to and made incredible friends along the way. Thank you to all of you who supported me in any way, big or small, this year – I’ve already got a lot more music on the way for 2020 for you to enjoy.” See Georgia next @ The Finborough Arms, London February 1st. Georgia’s got so much to look forward to in 2020. Can’t wait to hear more of the accolades to come.

TIFFY – I’m Not Equipped For This

Anguish? That might be it. And sprinkling of frustrations, doubled up in a roll of ionized angst to make it nice and tasty. Our taste buds go numb, sometimes, as our perceptions of how and why we conduct ourselves in this world, perplexes our once thought relevance to it all. TIFFY knows. “‘I’m Not Equipped For This’ is a response to working a demanding day job and the feeling of being unable to help yourself.” And right there is the brain numbing, after-taste blasting, brain freezing state that most of us all can vibe. TIFFY’s bounced in and out of bands, feeling the pressure to conform to their sounds and trying to fight the inevitable feeling of rejection when it wasn’t a perfect fit. She knows. And she cares. As much as you should for yourself. It’s harsh out there. But don’t let it consume you. Keep your head high and nose above water. Let’s bide our time. See her next @ News Cafe, Pawtucket, Rhode Island January 15th. TIFFY will be releasing new music in early 2020.

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