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FIVE // Alma Cook : Funky Fruit : Joe Jenneman : Miles Squiers : Rolo

Alma Cook

Alma Cook – So Close

“So Close” is a grateful tribute to the one that got away,” said the sultry Alma Cook. “It’s the story of losing someone you believed & hoped you’d never lose—but also recognizing that your life is better for them having been in it… I was in the middle of working on a new full-length record when the song came to me. My producer & I joke about it—how this is one of those “emergency songs” that basically writes itself & has to be recorded within a week just so I can get it out of my system. I’ve got no real plans for promotion (who am I kidding; I rarely do), but I hope that “So Close” makes it into the ears of the one it was written for.” Decisive and manic, the controlled thrust of ‘So Close’ by Alma, delights with pin-point r&b/soul excellence. Wisconsin native, Alma, is an under-discovered gift to the musical world. Subtle in touch, and deep in depth, her vocals are a classic intuition that touches you and asks you to never let go. “When I look at who I was a decade ago, I see a girl who had to be in control. It wasn’t like I was going around constantly manipulating people or bossing them around—but I think I had this idea that I could always force the hand of destiny if I really, really wanted to… The reality? Some things just weren’t meant to be. And that’s okay. That thing people say about “if you love something, let it go”—corny, but real. Love & control cannot exist at the same time.” Word.

Funky Fruit – Blend

After Funky Fruit’s first two singles Gimme and Spiritual have almost reached 1.000.000 million streams in total, the third Funky Fruit single Blend is released. Guitar/Deep House dance music producer, Funky Fruit, deliver again with the funk, and gets your little butt muscles poppin’ to the groove. ‘Blend’ this that for us, and we were perplexed at how much fun our lower extremities wanted in on the fun. This track features Ben Botfield (vocals – 15+ million streams on Spotify) and is mastered by Cass Irvine @ Wired Masters (Galantis, Deadmau5, Loud Luxury, etc.).

Joe Jenneman – Sway

“With light guitar playing and a synth beat that pulls the listener in, it’s easy to get lost in Joe Jenneman’s new song ‘20th Street’. Joe Jenneman is an LA based singer/songwriter whose influences span genres from Blues, to Country, to R and B. His music has been summed up as ‘Easy on the Ears and Good for the Soul’. Certainly so. As Joe’s vocal and lyrical waves hit the shores of the listening hearts, it denounces the often harshness of the world, and reminds, again, of the love that could be had, instead. A blues exterminates spout with confidence and depth as the guitar swinging vibes shatter the alternative, then helps to subside in a sumptuous musical upholstery. Linger with Joe for a while. It’ll be worth it, for miles.

Miles Squiers – Motown (feat. Liangston)

“‘Motown’ is a song all about missing the good-old-days of music,” said Miles Squiers. “Though it is primarily a love song, many of the lyrics describe common struggles of artists trying to get noticed in the industry.” It’s hard. But like anything that is worth doing, not everyone can do it. Passion and the gumption to be who you can become – that is a tantalizing prospect, no matter what the terms and conditions. Miles continued: “The hook and title of the song (“Motown”) alludes to this theme of happiness that someone is missing, however; this song masks that with it’s upbeat and groovy tempo/rhythm sure to get people dancing.” This Bay area based artist wants to make you feel good. With pop induced offerings and indie vibin’ dance glitter, ‘Motown’ is a fun abstract to an age old question. Move forward. That’s what we all need to do, as we seek solidification in passions.

Rolo – Hurricane

“The original version of the song has been a great success on Spotify and has already reached 1M listeners in only a few months… I hope I can also reach Radio stations with this release and I’m glad that a few of them have already confirmed that they’re going to play it.” Rolo is the solo project that hums. It’s the gray between the colored layers of her luscious lips. It’s the vibrant castigations, unfitting his royal head-dress. It’s a play on words, and it’s a play on symptoms. Of hear and mind, and everything in between. Born 1991 in Palermo, Italy then raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Rolo delivers with a bewitching vibe that is both ol’ school and current cool. A dynamic insolence and deliverance in attitude, the slow walk on the wild side of the summer’s plain, lives beautifully in ‘Hurricane’. Accolades will continue. ‘Hurricane’ is distributed through his record label, Indomorecords.


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