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FIVE // Alone Architect : Cindy Alma : ZEDSU : Antony Alexander : Phil Phauler

Alone Architect

Alone Architect x Roniit – Surreal

Abstract electronic artist Alone Architect, born Jeff Feldman, returns with yet another collaboration featuring dark pop artist Roniit, on his new single ‘Surreal’. “It’s incredible how we all, to a certain degree, are unconscious slaves to our learned triggers and imprinting. And once we come to the realization that we can change these reactions and patterns, a whole new world of expansion opens up.” Alone Architect is an artist that shuns categorization and genres. “I don’t really concern myself with genres. I approach the writing and production process from a purely intuitive and emotional perspective, in the sense that I don’t overthink what I’m tapping into…. ‘Surreal’ was a song that was born out of pure collaboration.”

Cindy Alma – Made of Steel

“My mother used to call me ‘the woman of steel’ But I maybe turned out to be one of her most sensitive child. this song really talks about that conflict and duality between what we really show and what we really are . I actually realized, rare are the people that will let transparent how vulnerable/loving they really are.” An anthem for both sexes of any persuasion and backgrounds, vulnerability is of what humans do sometimes. It’s a factor of living and the curse (or gift) comes into play for our individuality. It’ll hurt. It’ll caress. Cindy Alma sings with a passion and strength that leaves you no choice but to let her in and surrender control. Her performance pours from the heart, revealing to you the essence of her being. Born in Marseille, France to a French Algerian father and French Moroccan mother, cultural diversity was a major factor in Cindy’s development as a performer and songwriter.

ZEDSU – love lies when lust dies

Heads have began to turn towards upcoming artist, ZEDSU, whose artistry is as chaotic as the anime counterpart Black Zetsu. The New Jersey native has began to make quite the buzz for himself in the underground hip-hop world. His versatility weighs on the mind of his counterparts, making him an intimidating artist on the rise with one agenda, curing the global epidemic. Hate. ‘Chaos is at the forefront of the song. But if you dig a bit, it’s a very compelling, none-obtrusive vision for a song, from an artist, from the depths of a soul. Feeling superficial is a conduit to those deeper meanings of life.’

Antony Alexander – Everything Changés

It should come as no surprise that London-area EDM artist Antony Alexander is devoting much of his life to the art of creating music. The Kent County resident will be the first to tell you about the pictures of him when he was a young boy experimenting with the notes and sounds coming from a keyboard. It wasn’t long until Antony was caught up in the synth revolution, experimenting with multi-tracking, and finding inspiration in artists like New Order, The Buggles, and The Shamen. Lovely vibes is his middle name, as Antony’s shimmer casts a beautifully lush atmosphere to the story and story telling.

Phil Phauler, RobMike & Lelo – Gravity

Really cool vibes coming from a really cool collaboration between Phil Phauler ft. RobMike & Lelo in their single called ‘Gravity’. Phil Phauler has traveled to international venues on the European and Asian continent and music fans have seen him in clubs from England and Poland to Thailand, where he’s performed several times on the biggest stages. His track ‘Love’ got included in ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’, a motion picture featuring world famous actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo and John Malkovich. Brand-new remixes, releases and club shows for his fans can be expected from this artist very soon.


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