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ANOE – Sunset Drive

“‘Sunset Drive’ is a track for people with the ‘Drive’ to never stop moving,” said ANOE. “They don’t sleep when night falls and they go until the sun comes up. For those people who have a hole in themselves. This is their song..” Wonderfully understated. Wonderfully delightful in wisdom. ANOE’s single is a culmination of years of self-enveloped thought and philosophy towards the life that is. And what it ‘is’, is that it ‘will’ move forward, and you must make the best of it. Like the warm glow of the setting sun, the attraction to ‘Sunset Drive’ delivers in smiles. The curling of your mouth’s ends, upwards to the sky, means that you can start again, in the coming next day. A way to start over, for the better you.

Pfeffermouse – Space Disco

The LP ‘Extended Reality’ by Pfeffermouse contains 9 tracks that explore various themes of ‘escapism’. “Lush synthesizers and gritty retro-futuristic drum machines these tracks take the listener on a journey through sonic landscapes in outer space, the shores of psychedelic bounty islands, and on the neon-lit highways.” Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen is Pfeffermouse, and the journey that he takes us in ‘Space Disco’ is a thrusting transaction of pulses and wanes of galactic consequences and inquisitions. Never far from the answer; always too distant to be fully enveloped. Mystery upon mystery.

Haune – Conscience

Antoine Ausset delivers with palpable theatrics and dark undertones, that tickle with amphitheater-like antics and inexorably decadent suggestions. Progressions deemed in indie-rock, the alternative synth works, derive with might and castrate your notion for what could be. A clash of thought and sound, mix in this single ‘Conscience’. Chill, but unalterably excitable, the cast of characters, deliver their lines, with unshakable aura. ‘Conscience’ is off of his latest LP ‘Memories’.

FLOTRON – Irrational Number

Glitter is gold. And gold flows from the impending. FLOTRON’s single here is that odd and impending doom, with a smile in heart and maybe that over consuming feel of contentment. While you juxtapose deep into the depths of the blackness, you close your eyes and remember. Just remember.

HARBER – Make U Dance

HARBER’s ‘Make U Dance’ is the latest single from the 9-week Billboard charting, Forbes & Us Weekly magazine featured artist. ‘Make U Dance’ will be featured in season 4 of Bravo’s TV series, ‘Summer House’. The energetic, fun, Mariachi-infused track is perfect to bring in the new year and close out the decade. Harry Berman is HARBER and he’s got the zest that we all need going into the new year.


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