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FIVE // Approval : Los Vii x OMENS : Toy Poets : L E A : Jamie Yost


Approval – Above Water (bass flip)

Classic lines of charm and sultry attraction – Approval’s ‘Above Water’ dances towards you with full intent and vigor. Her eyes look right into your soul and deputizes your heart’s desires to linger and opine on what is important to you now. She. Is. Beautiful. That’s right. You lost the battle, before it ever began.

Los Vii x OMENS – Pad Thai

A chill love song by Los Vii and OMENS blending lo-fi bedroom pop and hip hop about “staying home, ordering takeout and forgetting about the outside world”. Innocence. Sultry. Gentle sunset on a beautiful day. A day that had turned out better than you’d ever expected. Your joy glows with that sentiment, and hopefully you ask of yourself: “Let’s try to carry it to tomorrow.” Combination of the duo is demonstrated with fabulous texture and shimmer in this single. Enjoyment is guaranteed, as you sway to the ballad bop.

Toy Poets – Blue Skies from Here

Title track to the latest LP, Toy Poets, hums past your neglects of life and supports you back to equilibrium. “The band was on a camping trip, and to our luck it rained straight for the first 2 days of camping. Our last day, the clouds went away, it was the bluest sky we’ve ever seen. And then someone said ” Blue skies from here on out! “, then we picked up the guitar started writing, it means so much to us.” The Santa Barbara, California based band crackles with subtle delight as the guitars of fulfilling vibes, dance along the shores of wants and desires – while loving, all of the ways it can. The LP and of this single, delivers that vibe, from beginning to end.

L E A – Kiss and Make Up (ft. Jasper)

“I wrote this song early 2019 about an ongoing flirtation-ship that started back up after much back and forth drama in a friendship. ‘Kiss and Make Up’ is about doing it all in the wrong order – in reverse.” Lea McNamara heads this palpable pop project, and its golden peaks of emotions and ultimate decadence, revive through the corridors of life and existence. Contrasting in a vast array of hues and desires, the latest single lingers with questions of what human contact can entail. Mix of confusion, excitement, there will never be a dull moment when love – potential love – has its sights on you. Watch out. You’re marked.

Jamie Yost – Sunrise

We’d said of Jamie’s work as such, prior: “JAMIE YOST brings the best traditions of singer/songwriters’ energies and melancholic sparkles a story deserves. It’s all about the contrasts in the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour, love and the gray.” There’s no denial of this fact. And as you dig deeper into his listing in beautiful ‘lusts’ – via his lyrics and emotional encapsulations – you rise up with him, to tackle the difficulties of life, once more. Once more, another time – like a phoenix of your own and making. Burning, in ember as red and orange – brimming with life and soul. You rise. Once more. Yet again. Just like the sun, you shall. Look for more as the Devon UK originating artist is set to release his new EP in 2020.


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