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FIVE // Ben Strawn : Arson Daily : Cole in Space : Speak, Brother : George Gaudy

Ben Strawn / Photo: Josh Roden

Ben Strawn – Let It Die

This is the 3rd single from Ben Strawn’s upcoming LP. We’d stated of Ben’s work: “From Cleveland, Tennessee, Ben’s lovely presentation is patient and nurtured with beautiful alt-folk vibes, tinged in tactical synth shimmer.” But with ‘Let It Die’ Ben shows us another beautiful angle of his musical talents, with jazzy undertone, r&b/folk exuberance, and undeniable task of revelation within his classic guitar rock vibes. Ben said of this single: “This is a song about breaking up with/leaving behind anything that holds you down. Whether it be a relationship or an inner demon, I wrote this song to invoke confidence in myself and whoever listens to it that you can just move on and protect yourself from whatever holds you back.” The whole song of ‘Let It Die’ just glows. Golden, like the best traditions of past super groups – tied with the heft of words, and taking flight with utter ease, with Ben’s ever present and empathetic vocals.

Arson Daily – Signs

The second song of the debut album, “Late Reflections” by Arson Daily. This project is the product of over 4 years of basements, bars, van transit, and general disillusionment. Zach Dunham (guitar&vox), Adam McLean (drums), and Quincy Platt (bass) have succeeded in conquering adolescence, and they’re doing it on purpose. What a fight that was. But with maturation comes sophistication of song, lyrics, and inevitable vision of delivery. A bass note, tackles the power of the latter guitar lick – combining to frame for the masses a delicate and brooding pop culture, embedded in each and ever solitary fiber. See them next @ Doc Taylor’s Seaside Market Lounge, Virginia Beach, Virginia on January 9th.

Cole in Space – Among the Blue

“The song highlights what it feels like to want something so badly, yet knowing that object is unattainable. It represents lust in its truest form, pulling at heartstrings and seducing you to quite possibly a much greater evil.” And as this first single of his debut solo effort and project, clearly and deafeningly clasp on to our ears and emotional desires – the notes of his song, dances, waves, and forms into a gaze of focused energies. He continued: “Recorded on all analogue synthesizers (prophet rev 2 and moog), the song is meant to help the audience come to terms with their inner demons and desires, accepting them as part as who you are; however, it also warns the listener to never succumb to them, as they can be detrimental. I put my whole body into this song and all I can hope is that people enjoy the music and learn something about themselves from it.”

Speak, Brother – Layla’s Wood

Fleetwood Mac like effervescence. Coldplay like loving lyrical excellence. All filter and bloom through the greatness of what Speak, Brother brings to this universe of music and vibes. It’s a triumphant offering. ‘Layla’s Wood’ is an understated glitter of thoughts and trepidations, glanced by the accident of life and of gumption. The gumption in which you decide to take action when it’s your time to shine. This life is your chance. You said ‘YES’. Speak, Brother has built a reputation for writing songs which speak directly to the heart and encourage vulnerability. Connection reveals within the folds of sentiments. There’s nothing you can’t really tackle, with this single by your side. Everything that shimmers, shines brightly. And when James Herring, Matthew Cotterill, Nathan Morris, Dan Smith, and Sam Oakes come to reveal themselves in your playlist, you smile with confidence that maybe – just maybe – this day will be different, after all.

George Gaudy – Little Pieces

“Despite the language used, Little Pieces is not a love song; It’s about social isolation and was inspired by a real suicide attempt, where people tried to film the scene with their phones, cheered, and chanted ‘jump’.” It is part of the album of the same name, due to be released 2nd of April 2020 by AWAL, and will include diverse influences, ranging from the Velvet Underground and Nick Cave to eastern european folk and middle eastern music. The classic sounding ballad is to show you the crash and burn of our relationships and the things that brings to our knees. The vandals of our hearts, come and break open the wounds. So what is there to do? What is our recourse? George says, those days of retribution will come. But right now, let’s work on you, your soul, your well being. From there you’ll be reborn, once more, with bigger and better attitudes and maybe – salvation.


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