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Blaque Rose

Blaque Rose – Funky vibe

Out of sight. Out of mind. That doesn’t apply to Blaque Rose’s latest single ‘Funky Vibe’. It is eternal, universal, and within its insinuating glory, it bursts out with hymns of decadence, unalterable and pervasive. Mixing genres from alternative-pop, slack-pop, EDM, punk, Afro-punk, Euro, funk, folk, and rock, the artist with the mostest, comes alive, whether you’d like him to in your head or not. As we’d said, his work in ‘Funky Vibe’ is more than the universe, and when the universe speaks, your fiber of being must submit. Hooky, insidious, dynamic, and post modern-retro, the best traditions of funk glide off of the Katana arrangement of Balque Rose. Kudos, indeed.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Aqualung Motherfucker

A Winged Victory for the Sullen made a bold return on new album ‘The Undivided Five’. The pair, made up of Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie (also a member of Stars of the Lid), have created iconic film scores and forward-thinking ambient groups, releasing a series of records for Erased Tapes and Kranky. ‘Aqualung, Motherf*cker’, the short film for the song taken from ‘The Undivided Five’, is a multi-disciplinary feat encompassing narrative, character, music and film, from the vantage point of artists in collaboration. The film, which was co-written by Adam Wiltzie of AWVFTS and Jonas Govaerts, is a dark thriller in which a villainous character, played by Nikolai Kinski (the son of infamous actor Klaus Kinski), motions through the aftermath of a brutal murder in an ominous unemotional haze. As the film progresses the nefarious protagonist undergoes a jolting transformation that seems to suggest a stark duality, which in turn provokes a strange and uncomfortable empathy for the mysterious murderer. See the innovators next @ De Duif, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 20th.

PROSWAVE – Xylophe

Celestynów, Poland based artist PORSWAVE get it nice and dirty with glitchy vibes and synaptic rhythms. Pulsing with the future-past, the ride through this immersive dynamics, glisten off of the white walls of truth. Living the lies of the forboding truths, the wings flap open with unlimited confidence. The horizon is bright with a lather of conviction, which the protagonist must absorb. Now. And forever. Flying into the never. Flying into the mouth of madness. Till death do you part.

Harlequiin x Amelka May – Show Me Your Hand

Harlequiin was formed in late 2016 by multi-instrumentalist/producer Rory Simmons. Having previously worked with Jamie Cullum, Blur, Labrinth, Paolo Nutini and many more, Harlequiin is Rory’s solo project which has one foot in dance and electronica, and another foot in the alternative pop world. This is the second single from London producer Harlequiin’s fifth solo EP project. Rory Simmons is his name, and with Amelka May on this single, it forcefully injects and the colors change as it flips from this degree, to the next.

Spaghetti Eastern Music – Her Lemon Peel Raincoat

Spaghetti Eastern Music, the solo project of New York City / Hudson Valley-based guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Sal Cataldi. Sal debuted with is 2016 offering, ‘Sketches of Spam’. Spaghetti Eastern’s newest is more mood altering, drone-y meditative soundscape than radio-ready pop. It is a preview of direction from his upcoming untitled sophomore album and Sal’s new spoken word/music side project, The Vapor Vespers (with noted Alaskan playwright/slam poet Mark Muro). Time Out New York wrote that Sal’s “largely instrumental, Eastern-influenced jams are infused with some delicate guitar work and hauntingly moody atmosphere.” Newsday also added: “Mad scientist-guitarist-keyboardist Cataldi brings da funk and throws it in a mixer with electronica, bebop and blues.” Soundscapes, bludgeoned by subtle incantations of classical, rock, effervescent blends, all come together in a cinematic and alternatively vibrant exposition of thought and of solitude of man. Look out for more distinctions when Sal’s album drops 2020.


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