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Bliss Motel

Bliss Motel – Emerald Eyes

Austin, Texas based Bliss Motel really wants you to fall in love. With the one you need. With the one you dream. With the world. With your day. And with Bliss Motel. In all of those accounts, you should. Because when all these happen, it’s just good for your heart. And mind. And your whole outlook. This morning you dreaded waking up, showering, eating breakfast, getting in the car, driving the car, getting into the office, talking to Janice from business development, and eating lunch. Needn’t be this way. Listen to ‘Emerald Eyes’, and maybe – just maybe – your afternoon will be far better. So. “How’s Janice from business development? Did you know she loves going cha-cha and dancing on Saturday night?” Bliss Motel is Ryan Faris, Jeremy Brandelik, Jack Cox, Thomas Cox, and Vanessa Jollay. Smile, yo. Life’s better now.

Darksoft – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity uses expansive textures and driving percussion. Darksoft finds inspiration in the encrypted, hidden motives that infect modern society, love, and communication. Darksoft uses breathy vocals, twangy guitars, and an overall grungy sound. Darksoft debuted their first album ‘Brain’. Bill Darksoft, from Seattle, leads the Darksoft project. He also runs Look Up Records, Look Up Fest, and has been a part of many projects in the Seattle area throughout the years. Meshing purity of smiles and gleeful collage of pasts, a new frontier of life begins anew as each note from Darksoft begins to play. Feel it. See this fab project next @ The Knockout, San Francisco on March 9th, 2020.

linelions – mountains and lakes

This is the first single from linelions’ second album ‘ll’ coming out in January 2020. “It’s about taking relationships for granted in the midst of them and feeling like a garbage friend in hindsight, realizing that reforming the relationship will never be the same as it was before you were misguided.” Made up of bandmates Chris Alley, Chris Villata, Mike Villata, Briana Wertalik, and Dan Wohl, the New York band with the heart of gold, deletes the negatives of this world and moves forward with songs of lessons learned. Becoming wiser and better is the throughput of ‘mountains and lakes’. And as the charming vibes of the band kilns a warmth that is unique, it tells you to singalong for a grand ol’ time. Knee slapping, vibrant aura clamors with dignified ambience and honesty that shines. See them next @ Foley’s Club Lounge, Pleasantville New York on January 11th.

Melanie Sandford – Silhouette

Melanie Sandford is a Boston born, Nashville based singer/songwriter. Melanie moved to Nashville in 2014 and married multi-platinum producer, writer, and artist, Chas Sandford. Melanie has played in a number of music festivals including 30A Songwriter’s Fest, Island Hopper, Pensacola Beach Songwriter’s Fest, etc. A wisp of fancy comes from the comforting vocals of Melanie. With distinct style of a past decade, ‘Silhouette’ is a brooding and darkened manifestation of darkness. And within it, a soul that searches for answers, as the apparent obviousness of what the protagonist’s duties are laid out bare. Naked and vulnerable, the only way to go forth – is to be stronger, stand up, and resist. In 2019, Melanie and Chas recorded her first full-length album, ‘Wonderland’. The record is a blend of rock/pop/paisley underground reminiscent of Garbage, Veruca Salt, The Smiths, and The Beatles.

CK Field – When I See Pictures of You

“I met Sarah Alicia West on July 4, 2001,” said CK Field. “We were together until July 11, 2017, which is the day she died from complications from bacterial meningitis. On March 27, 2017, she became suddenly and violently ill and within the span of six hours was unable to communicate–she never spoke again. I spent three months with her, in various hospitals, watching her suffer setback after setback. Her doctor and surgeon described her illness as a “cosmic injustice”; those words haunt me every day.” CK misses Sarah. Life hasn’t been the same. Colors and tastes of the air around him had changed, after she’d gone. “These songs are about Sarah and our life together and the life that my son and I have had to try to live without her…My life remains abstract and slippery without Sarah–her absence still feels like a cruel joke, acute and unreal and appalling. These songs stand as a representation of something specific: my love for her and the devastation of losing her beautiful presence in the world, in our lives, in every passing moment.” CK’s life isn’t the same. He wants her back. Can that happen, Universe?

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