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Brothers Page

Brothers Page – Cause The World Is Small

This is the 6th and final song off of Brothers Page’s debut EP ‘Back To You’ (out now). The EP is a mix of pop and rock, with indie-folk shimmers that co-exist fabulously. A calming effect takes place as the band exudes confidence and acceptance of the footprint of their’s and of the listening individuals. ‘Cause The World Is Small’ is the most folk in style, next to ‘The Light’, within the EP. The song successfully offers and captures the imagination, with rhythmic encapsulation in a story told well. It picture art of the EP, is framed and tied to a neat package with this final single. The ultimate note to positivity and anthemic exuberance, the song helps you to move forward, with a brotherly tap on the shoulder and supportive smile. Charmer, for sure. The New York duo of Zach and Josh Page, delights.

Steve Itterly – Hook’s In the Water

Somberly stated by Steve Itterly: “This is a song that began as a response to the horrible tragedy in El Paso Texas this past year. It reflects of my thoughts and emotions regarding the current state of affairs in the world in general. I felt the poignancy of the lyrics went well with a traditional folk format similar to early Bob Dylan songs.” We’d said of Steve: “As the acoustic instruments, harmonize with dedication and thoroughfare, the beautifully simple guitar licks mount a charge up the hills of the challenging life we live.” And with each passing lick of notes and thoughts, a suggestion of pause and deliverance is set by the road. Up ahead. And beyond. Surreal but oh so real. Delightful stuff from Steve indeed. See him net @ Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Winthrop, Washington January 17th.

Mark Millar – Like You Do

Influenced by the likes of Mark Knopfler, JJ Cale and a myriad of old blues CDs, he finally swapped the tennis racket he’d been holding in front of the mirror for an actual guitar when he was about 16. And now, here we are. Plugging away, and as spritely inquisitive as ever – Mark’s passion for the guitar and the foreseeable wrangling of the kind of music that he constructs, hits with a pinging dagger. The fans and his audience, live – for a moment – in the deductive salience of his singles. ‘Like You Do’ delights as it plays off of Mark’s atmospheric vocals and 60’s psychedelic vibes that the song offers. It’s a trip – a warm and engrossing trip, at that.

The Wilkof Project – Voices

The Wilkof Project is powerful, solvent, didactic in all of its glory. Especially in the latest single ‘Voices’. Said TWP: “This song is about struggling with trying to please others and their ideas..And feeling not worthy enough. But in the end…what we believe is our own truth..” As you can tell, the hard-charging three-piece rock outfit delivers strong and enveloping grooves surrounded to submission by the powerful vocals of Matthew Wilkof. The Florida based deliver of death (to your normal sense for music), hits you in your solar plexus and doesn’t even as you for your number. How rude. How invigoratingly rude, indeed.

Edictum – Haunting Memories

“It is said that scientists are rarely exposed to direct sunlight… As dusk falls, after escaping chemistry lab, the urge to synthesize on is burning the midnight oil – even if test tubes are replaced with knobs and keys and synthetic compounds with synthetic soundscapes. All available samples are absorbed into the experiment to create something new, something unique and – occasionally – something mad.” Nothing really else to say. Lovely.


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