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Bubble Boat

Bubble Boat – Christmas Song

Christmas is over. Yes. But songs like this is for any season. Bubble Boat presents ‘Christmas Song’. It’s something that the Beatles might have done. It’s something Paul McCartney should think about doing (wink). From a song to song analysis, ‘Christmas Song’ is deep in bass, sultry in message, delightfully fab, and with its whims at by the soul of the song makes you feel really, really good. Well, just listen. Enjoy it. Bubble Boat is made of Gaëtan Vigier and Adrien Perier.

Fashion Invasion – Something On My Mind (feat. John Paul Byram)

Fashion Invasion officially releases their newest single, ‘Something On My Mind’ with John Paul Byram. Bryan Galvez is the man behind this project, and when the vibes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Erasure come together, there’s bound to be something that is fabulous. And there is. With ol’ school majestics, ‘Something On My Mind’ glitters with innocence and delivers with universal explanations and shimmer. Bryan grew up listening to numerous rock/pop bands like Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Def Leppard, Van Halen and ABBA. He is also a classically-trained musician who orchestrates the arrangements and synthesizer programming.

Joseph Winter – Isolation

Barcelona based project Joseph Winter is the vision of Oriol Ivern. “All my music is compose and recorded by my own, I use a Tascam DP32 for record everything and I mixed with cubase, I wish create more music, have an opportunity is hard, I believe in keep working. Please understand that’s is only a demo.” And with shoegaze angst and perpetual rest for the wicked, the twisted reasonings of the protagonist writhes in confusion and anger. ‘Isolation’ is a Radiohead and MUSE-esque rock pace, where the mountains of gravity, comes down to earth to put the singular stresses into a place of understanding. When will the hurt end? When will the sorrow go away? Will you ever want it to?

At Horse – All My Life

“This song is written for my brother,” said At Horse. “Its about sticking together through life, and always knowing that we’ll be there for each other. We really feel proud of this song, and after we played it for the first time this summer, we got a lot of questions when it will be released.” Malmö Sweden based Folk Pop band At Horse’s single is one to put into any rotation. It is heartfelt. It is honest. It’s a scenario we all will, or have already gone through. The poignant shivers of the chorus is beautiful to witness. It’s been a long time since such beauty had been across our desks. We’re so very glad it had. ‘All My Life’ delivers the point of the story, with gorgeous frame of mind and an exulting attitude for a brighter future. Victor, Dennis, David, Ted and Kasper deliver on the promises of At Horse.

darling kaye – pick-up game

“This song is inspired by my refusal to allow pharmaceutical anti-depressant drugs into my body. This choice naturally brings many ups and downs to my life. For me, feeling everything, good and bad, is more important than masking my pure emotions in a haze of prescribed substances. I want people to start their 2020 off on a good foot, thinking positively, picking themselves up every morning and getting it!” Darling Kaye is a project that is all about the world, the good, the better. “I want to help people, any way that I can. I’ve never been able to fully express my true emotions before until this project. I hope that people can find something in this music for themselves and for their worlds.” Darling Kaye once thought about ‘knifing’ his own face, in the vibe of becoming something different. A struggle that was personal and something that is with him today. ‘Pick-up Game’ is a line of offerings from this talented artist, and it continues the premise that he, as a human being, is more than worth being on this often miserable earth. That a singular article of flesh and bones can make a different, with the tools available, and with the gumption that he or she is inspired towards. Bravo, indeed.


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