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Bywater Call

Bywater Call – Hometown

Toronto band, Bywater Call was formed by singer Meghan Parnell and guitar player Dave Barnes in 2017 along with Bruce McCarthy on drums, Mike Meusel on Bass and Alan Zemaitis on Keys. the band has made waves in the Toronto Blues scene and the Festival Circuit, playing Main Stages at the Tremblant International Blues Festival, Donnacona Blues Festival, The TD Toronto Jazz Festival, the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival and the Markham Jazz Festival, to name a few. No doubt. And when you first come about Bywater Call, Meghan Parnell’s vocals exclaim with purpose and utter brilliance. Bringing with it, the best in tradition from Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Linda Ronstadt, the band and Meghan, let’s its audience know that it’s okay to be you, whenever you’d like. The world isn’t as scary as it’s meant to be, and that it’s more of your own pallet for creativity than you’d thought. ‘Hometown’ is where things come back to normal. Up to you to embrace that sentiment. In early 2020 Bywater Call will tour Europe through 9 countries in 45 days. See them next @ Liederbuch, Zwickau, Germany on January 23rd.

Tim Ayre – Barcelona

Influenced by the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Flaming Lips, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk, he channels all these touching points and more in his own compositions. Melbourne based singer-songwriter / producer Tim Ayre is poised to unveil his eponymous debut EP through Kitsuné Musique later this year and will pre-empt its arrival with a brand new tropical pop track ‘Barcelona’. Beautiful from the start, life isn’t the same after this song ends. So you click back to the beginning, and start again. One of his top singles, ‘Barcelona’ is that glowing memory of wispy pasts and of the future to come. It’s an exemplification of the grandness of life, but taken with a grain of salt and artful skepticism. Love is easy to spot. Love can be hard to embrace. Especially after all that it’s put you through. But love still exists, and Tim Ayre’s music wants to guide you back to that safe and comforting place. Off of his self-title EP, the talented artisan, coaxes our deepest fears into the sunlight, with hooks and taunts, simple and fine. Charming waves, in our wake. Indeed.

Club 8 – The Hospital

Swedish duo Club 8 returns with “The Hospital” where the singer pictures herself on the death bed in the hospital, wishing the end doesn’t come quite yet. Since 1995, the duo of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård has been clicking with listeners and continues to voice their method of story telling to the public at large. And when you listen to ‘The Hospital’, the sound is big and bold. The exclamations of living, is within the encoded DNA of their perplexing and diabolically succulent digital vibes. We’d said of them prior, that the outfit brings: “new angles to precipices that exist and do not. The combination of the two artists, with indefinite talents for compelling construction and rhythmic revelry, delivers with a supple touch of the old passing into the new fold of the future.” It’s always been true. And truth of Club 8 shines like a beacon, to this day.

Rooftop Sailors – Where Did We Go?

“‘Where Did We Go?’ is born out of a dream and developed to be one of the biggest songs of the band! A liberating rock hymn dealing with ingrained patterns and destructive relationships.” Rooftop Sailors is a quartet from Switzerland. And they make music. Their music. Of their values. Of their evidence of connection and emotional continuity. Made up of Alexander Bratschi, Adrian Bratschi, Nevio Heimberg, and Maurice Rupp they deliver with heft and punch in their hard-rock romping. ‘Where Did We Go?’ is classic, and kicks with an undertow of variety and gumption. A visigoth-ic admiration for the grayness of life and what to do about it going forward. To the point and succinct the romp of Rooftop Sailors, christen with rockin’ shimmer and metal vibe honesty. See them next @ Mahogany Hall Bern, Switzerland on December 13th.

Drew Davies – Beautiful World

“Beautiful World was a song I wrote about the problems facing us all,” said Drew Davies. “I wrote it like an episode of the 9 o’clock news, it focuses on the divisions we see in society and the disenfranchisement and fall of many to the edges of society; all set against the backdrop of the climate emergency we are living through. The song is not political, instead I wanted to focus on how we could work better together than apart.” The world, to some, is going to hell in a hand basket. To some there is still hope and a silver lining of decency that can be salvaged. We think Drew and by proxy, his music, tells of the latter. The positivity exuding from the work, refills the well of that hope-spring, once more. Not only a decorative emphasis to living, but an open arm offering of kindness and optimistic possibilities to all who wants to join in the festivities. Drew’s work on ‘Beautiful World’ is both future looking and ol’ school fabulousness. It’s a one-two punch, if you’ll have it. ‘Beautiful World’ is included in his latest EP ‘We Need To Talk’. Out now.


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