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Camera Cult

Camera Cult – Days

New EP dropping early 2020, Camera Cult stated. And before that, ‘Days’ gives another hint at the vibrance that will be offered in that 2020 gift. Led by David Gonzalez and Ricky J. Vasquez, the Houston, Texas originating band keeps it poppy and vibrant in the newest single. Fun and delirious in its beckoning love seduction, it’s a soft anthem for the days to come and what they could entail. See them next @ Axelrad, Houston Texas December 31st.

EveryNowHere – Rainy Day (Acoustic)

“At the end of the day, it all has to still make sense with just me trying to sing at the piano. I call the piano my ‘truth machine’. No song of mine will fake it through. Rainy Day was conceptualized with a similar vibe in mind before I started recording parts into the laptop. This is me taking it back to where it came from… ‘Rainy Day’ is a tribute to 21st century twists on the timeless dilemmas of the heart and its incessant search for connection.” T.L. Mazumdar reverberates with emotion. Vocals as gaunt and isolated from the massive heft of responsibilities, the lonesome decadence feels solace in its predicament. Reverting from conscious acceptance and amber warnings of stillness, a mind of procuring singularity, cries with fear and hope and lust for things that are and are to be. ‘Rainy Day’ is an anthem of self and maybe, irrevocable acceptance in place. This acoustic version is deeper, and much more frothier in its raw vocal presentation. A fabulous ensemble of artful insolence, in the things that make one’s place.

Gordon Victor – Blooming

Solstice of the mind and heart, impinge on the decadence of desires and ambitions. A wall of mounting efforts, quash the urgency of innovation and energy, as the days culminate into months and years. Gordon Victor’s anti-anthemic vigil of that sense of beckoning is in ‘Blooming’. A retrospective, intelligence in a warning of self induced sympathy, the song is “about not being realized for your full potential..” A slow prodding of that self-infliction, casts a mellow glow of empathy. The solemn vocals of Gordon, never trivializes the weight of it all, as like a death march, down a corridor of no return – it seeks retribution, of vibes and contempt. ‘Blooming’ is off of his latest EP ‘Practice Rooms At Hill Hall’. Check it.

Hypo Child – Moon

Hypo Child is Maxandre d’Oultremont’s project in instigation for the heart. Tripping glances, and delivering sweet nothings, the Belgium based singer/songwriter is just starting his journey of music and how that will fit into his world’s sense. ‘Moon’ is a fabulous start, and as it describes a fateful, shimmering vision, a slice of what Maxandre wants out of this world in which he resides, bleeds just a bit into the outer edges. An over-consuming desire, tempered by mystery, curiosity, and the ambition to seek what’s just over the other side of the moon. A personable and accessible questionnaire, which others can relate.

Least – Reds

“This song is based on the first chapter from my short story called ‘Cemetery Eyes’ (upcoming EP) about a young man who runs away from home after being plagued by abusive parents and bad habits.” TC Willis, Ryan Cook, Joe Lopez and Jordan Brown, are the quartet that makes up this alt-rock nu-grunge vibin’ project, Least. Deerfield Beach, Florida based band casts ALL of the classic rock moves in ‘Reds’ as the story telling by TC, delivers with angst and grating grayness of the world. ‘Reds’ is a palpable rock blend, where your heart sings in the darkness, both irreverent and dynamic. A throwback of style, that is beautiful in its simplicity, the complexity of the construction is direct and fabulously exhilarating.


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