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Candid Heist

Candid Heist – The Punter

Combining ethereal but up-tempo guitar sounds in the verse with a simple-but-catchy riff in the chorus, reminiscent of Tame Impala, there’s something to love for guitar lovers throughout. The band’s love of indie rock is found in all aspects of the track, not least in the Beach Boys-inspired backing vocals in the chorus, but also in the King Krule-style drum beat driving the melody along. The Punter’ is the bands fifth single. Lyrically the track derives from their experiences working in pubs and bars around Reading, and drawing on some of the regular characters that they would deal with each day. ” It focuses on the immediate un-likability of the people described, before noting the loneliness that would often come through in the single men who were most regular in the bars.” What an anthem, ain’t it? What an exhilarating experience. That chorus, that voice, that guitar thrust. Brit indie at one of its best. “Written about our experiences working in pubs and bars around Reading and the people we met there. It’s got a big ol’ riff and a cool breakdown too. We’re really proud of this one, think it’s possibly our best tune yet!” See them next @ The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading England February 1st.

Leila Sunier – Let Me

Leila Sunier’s debut EP release, If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise (early 2020). “The song is about being attracted to someone who would be terrible for you,” Leila admitted. “I wrote it while I went on a walk to clear my head and saved it on a voice memo.” Deep, multi-dimensional expression of heart through art, she is an artist that manages to explore inner turmoil with a coming together of sublime beauty and intrepid emotionality. With grass tall silence deeply embedded into her wispy tidings of vocal extravagance, takes your hands and guides you to her world of organic vibes and clandestine fissures of emotional lights. And once you’re there, you let go – of your inner convictions – just to feel, once more, the glory of it all that can be. You’d missed the haunting mysteries of it all. The decades of solitude, melt away, as the droplets of tears – burgeoning with the vibes of a returning heroine – takes the poisons of lark lust and unrequited self deprivation. ‘Let Me’ is that smile – that hand – that shoulder, unto which you can lean. Feels good, indeed.

George Eve – One Track Mind

With the success of his debut single ‘My Girl’ and subsequent release ‘Ready For It’ serving as the perfect introduction for this emerging artist, George Eve has begun to make a name for himself with songs that are bold, expansive and inventive. With a unique blend of strings and swirling synths serving as the foundation and topped with stacked vocals and emotive lyrics, ‘One Track Mind’ is more of a brooding affair, displaying the range George has to offer. Yet with the inclusion of the horn section, it still feels like a quintessentially George Eve release. Referencing the likes of Lauv and Post Malone, all the way to Glass Animals and Gorillaz, this new release and George Eve’s whole artistry is a conscious and frank melting pot of different sounds and rhythms.

Shangri-La Kids – East Saint James Street

Multi-Instrumentalist out of Phoenix, Shangri-La Kids, innovates again with this vibin’ single ‘East Saint James Street. Moses Abrego is the man behind this dripping accent of tropical loops and guitar thrusts. The danceability of this single is in contrast to the sullen feelings of the protagonist. But you just can’t help but bring the reluctance into the middle of the floor to have a go. A fun night, even at the darkest, Shangri-La Kids, turns on the lights and makes the day feel just right, again. ‘East Saint James Steet’ is the 3rd single for the debut project. And where thing look, Moses is on his way. Watch out.

MOYOGI – Hopeland

“Seven parts, every one minute, on every part is a story behind. It’s an idyllic moment, impressions about how strong is our love to people.” The duo behind the project named MOYOGI, as every single comes to pass, delivers with bigger ambitions and sophistication. The melodic teases of ‘Hopeland’, is a familiarity of scents, that dilate into a coaxing thrill of each second of anticipation. Like a breath of freshness of love; or the ham-strung inquisition of a love lost – the valadictorian-like agitation of wants and desires, dangle for all to see in ‘Hopeland’. The deepest and most introspective of MOYOGI’s offerings (among their string of introspective offerings), a lightness and airiness sprite off of the brushes like touches of fulfillments and a pause for absorption.

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