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Kutyas – Something Wicked

Kutyas is a new four piece rock outfit from Oslo, Norway. They hit quick, hard, deep, and fabulously. The indie rock grit of ‘Something Wicked’ singes your hair in dynamic power chords, and dowses you in the fringes of alt-rock revelry. Listen to that bridge and guitar solo, and you’ll get to know it as well. “Something Wicked is a song about trying to get rid of the little voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, and failing at that.” Built around the talents of Ørjan, Jon-Petter, Henrik, and Sindre the angular vibe greatly brings with ample vision in ‘Something Wicked’. It explodes in your mouth, as you head for the hills of musical truth and vibrance. Their upcoming new album drops early/spring 2020. Get in, yo.

Cherry Junky – Subconcious

Off of their latest EP, ‘Haute Couture’, Cherry Junky captures a part of your heart, with jangly fissures of guitar hums and vocal charms. The band stated that the song is “about the general confusion and euphoria of a psychedelic experience and how those two emotions may teach somebody about love or their own unrecognized fears.” Makes sense, as the delicate solstace of notes, nudge with careful innuendos and dawn on the circumspect viability of existence. We’re egg shells – gentle and easily broken. We need and desire love. Will that always come true? Cherry Junky thinks it’s worth exploring. We think so too.

Sketchy Lines – Follow Me Around

Singer-songwriter Fredrik Kjellman, “tells of a tale of seas, consumed by the fertile imaginations of souls confused to the world. Turning away and showing only angst and no resolution, we keep away from the beauty of the thing that defines, right underneath our noses.” It’s the innocence vibe of it all that gets you. With a wafting vibe of his vocals, firm but flexible, helps invite you on this journey with home-bound smiles and a hearty dinner up ahead. Like the best traditions of 70’s classic rock ballads of self introspection and profound exclamations, we find Sketchy Lines’ title single ‘Follow Me Around’. Fredrik’s, “let’s go forth!” mannerisms and charm delivers with fabulous good feelz and delight, to take home, if you wanted. His latest LP is out now and awaiting your embrace.


‘Doesn’t Change’ is the debut single by The Pre-Amps and released by the Label Recordings. With a big bright sing a long chorus, and a horn section, ‘Doesn’t Change’ is a nu-mod classic in the making. And certainly so. The Pre-Amps are a 4 piece 60s-influenced pop-rock band originally from Newcastle upon Tyne. The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Small Faces, The Who, The Kinks, The Hollies and The Monkees, all come into play, as the stage is set whenever The Pre-Amps delegate their sounds on the stage. Made up of bandmates Lyndon Philliskirk (Keyboards/vocals), Rob Gray (Bass/vocals), Kelvin Banks (Guitar/vocals), and Scott Charlton (Drums/vocals), the sounds of grandeur becomes substrate and digestible for making your day, instantly brighter. The band met during University, and now make songs of hearts-content and promises of future promises. Grand indeed. See them live next @ The Travellers Rest, Newcastle upon Tyne December 20th.

Strange Frequency – Action

Strange frequency is formed by duo from Spain and Ecuador. The Barcelona based band consists of Sergi Marrone (vocals and guitar) and Xavi Garcia (vocals and bass). The two come together to bring insightful delights in sound and aesthetics. A perfect example is of the latest single ‘Action’, and in it, like a flower waking up in the new dawn, the petals of delight and mesmerizing ambience, resolutely dignify the life sustenance. An impactful charm flows from the song, as the ambiguously diligent synth vibes, say hello and wink at your every whim. Their authentic style is influenced by modern indie disco bands like Parcels and old fashioned electronic such as Daft Punk. Their self-produced tunes evoke a sweet mix of the old groovy days of the 80s funk and the exciting new days of synth pop.


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