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Clovis XIV

Clovis XIV – Exagone

‘Exagone’ is a cosmic journey blending different electronic genres, arpeggios madness, beautiful chord progression and textures with abstract vocals that sound like a weird romantic dream about the girl next door. The song travels through different rhythmic patterns like a roller coaster, and juxtaposes silence and wide spaced sounds. He began his journey as a drummer from Paris, France, playing in different bands and making audiences around the world marveling at his overwhelming presence and torrid playing. Lovely and emotive, the hexagonal aesthetics of ‘Exagone’, delivers with unabated shimmer and glamor.

Martin Solveig – Juliet & Romeo” with Roy Woods

Platinum-certified DJ and producer Martin Solveig and Drake-signed, OVO artist, Roy Woods have dropped massive new single ‘Juliet & Romeo’. The song is a piano-driven slice of feel good dance music that utilizes Roy Woods’ fresh vocals to masterful effect. A singer, songwriter and rapper, Roy Woods is best known for smash hit “Drama,” a collaboration with Drake that has amassed over 175 million Spotify streams. Martin Solveig delivers again. Simple. Full stop.

Drist – Storm

“Two weeks after premiere of my newest single “Lovers” a little update from me. “Lovers” was played 30.000 times across all platforms, previous track “Sunset” got another 5.000 within last two weeks and Facebook page crossed 3.000+ fans”. And why not? The single ‘Storm’ is oddly ear worm, by the intoxicatingly vibin’ vocals and disco grooves. Chic desserts of liquorish and strawberries, line the roads to golden riches, as the classically structured dance offering hurts-so-good.

StevieM – Stay

SteiveM expounded: “This song was written this year and is a song about the desire to be close to others in life, but fighting that human condition where fear of feeling unguarded can sometimes cause us to push people away, at the drop I try to express what’s really going on and the main sections of the song are my expression of the cover we sometimes give ourselves.” His inspirations come from are Armin Van Buuren, Sasha, Tiesto, deadmau5, Ferry Corsten and the Avicci. And you can hear their influence directly and instantly in SteiveM’s music. The dynamic circle of outcrops ensnare you with wit and circumstance will get you to that holy grail of classic trance/house that you’d longed and missed.

Ace Buchannon – Come Alive (feat. Anna Moore)

Beautifully neon. Delicately retro. The emblematic elements of such a genre, thrive in ‘Come Alive’ from Ace Buchannon. A resounding thumbs up in how synthwave/retrowave sounds should exude, the calming effects of the fabulous vocals of Anna Moore, tear drops into your heart. Said Ace: “It’s about taking that difficult but tempting step to get out of a bad situation in your life.” Vesa Tamminen is Ace Buchannon, and the Finland based artist take it to where the F-16s fly high and the excitement is only in the arms of the future past. This single is a treat in this fabulous genre.


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