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FIVE // Coastlines : Chris L Svensson : Flowervillain : Dreams in Stereo : Casper Heyzeus


Coastlines – Don’t Let Me Go

Like a delicate flower, within this song, your expectations of the happiness it will bring contrast beautifully in a Coastlines kind of way. The chorus in ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ certainly delights and put some upward smile movements as you listen. It’s sultry, beckoning, yearning, and delivers with spine tingling shimmers for you to vibe. And when you read the genesis of the song, you can understand more fully. “It was a late Halloween night and I was holding my 1 year old son, trying to lay him down for bed. We forgot to take his lion mask off, but it was late and he wanted to keep wearing it. I tried to lay him down and he refused. He didn’t want to let go. He needed his daddy for a minute longer. This song is written for my oldest son, Griffin.” A post/shoegaze foundation outstandingly offers honesty in its presentation and wows with indivisible vocals to tie it all down. Made of trio, Brady Lee, Elliott Phillips, and Justin Ginn, this single reminds with a gentle touch. Just like the scent of a delicate and unassuming flower.

Chris L Svensson – Battle Scars

After spending 4 years with the Swedish rock band Dirty Passion, Chris wanted to get back to his roots. The band took a break but Chris didn’t and instantly started working on his solo debut album ‘Story Of My Life’. That was in 2016. Now, with a brand new full album ‘North Meadow Drive’, the country music artisan expands even further with a new vibe of what the genre could be. From pain and love; to strength and anthems of conviction, Chris’ latest offering, including the single ‘Battle Scars’ is a journey he’d like his audience to joint. With a distinct musical aroma of 80’s singalong, mixed with an incandescent tone of blues and bluegrass, the story telling never gets left behind. ‘Battle Scars’ is “a reflection of the simple but yet complicated fact that you can not truly love someone until you love yourself,” said Chris. Indeed. His latest album is a delight and it might melt your heart, in this often unforgiving world. ‘Dancing Naked To Sinatra’ is another particular gem. FYI.

Flowervillain – villain over junction (Remix / Mashup)

Rare on CHF, but Flowervillain’s work on mashing the work and vocals of Tupac to the vibes of Jimi Hendrix is a notable charm. Fun stuff indeed. Flowervillain said: “This is the opening track of my 2Pac & Jimi Hendrix remix project. This track (as well as the rest of the tracks in the EP) samples interpolations of famous Jimi Hendrix tunes and uses them to create beats and a narrative that strives to be authentic to both musical legends, as well as bringing fresh production and arrangements.” Fabulous. Just listen. Enjoy. For both Tupac and Jimi are pop culture legends to be absorbed if you live on this side of the world. Flowervillain is a producer whose mission is to entertain from a different angle. Mixing genres of jazz, rock, blues, rap, r&b, pop, and hiphop, he exerts with experimental focus but never forgetting about what music should be at its DNA. A painter in sonic psalms and painfully beautiful dimensions, ‘Villain Over Junction’ continues this interesting project.

Dreams in Stereo – Winter Solstice (ft. Josh Quat)

“Winter Solstice is the day with the shortest daylight and the longest night,” said Dreams in Stereo. “Once the solstice passes, the night only shortens until the cycle continues to ebb and flow. We have all been at that time in our lives where, after a certain point, you have chosen a path that has a direction, whether it was intentional or unintentional. Most times, that direction is often muddled and enveloped, while there are other times when you know and feel that you are at such a watershed moment. Do not put judgment to this sweet spot, however, because that’s not the point here. The whole point is to highlight what a remarkable opportunity that you just witnessed to cherish. Amidst myriads of these dots forming a line, is where my story lies, where your chapter is written and where our books are shelved.” Rock duo formed in Ithaca, New York, the songs resolve with the influences of atmospheric math rock, post rock, electronica, hip-hop, and more. A deliberate thrust of notions, knifed into existence, then succumbing to a new shimmering light, this single is majestic in build-up and explodes in candor to expose the goodness within. The release of their upcoming album, ‘Chapter 3’ is planned some time in 2020.

Casper Heyzeus – Robert Mugabe (SAW Mix)

Heavy Electro House/80s/Funk-inspired track ‘Robert Mugabe’ is the new single from Casper Heyzeus. And it sure is a good one. Casper Heyzeus are an alternative rock/synth-pop band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Beginning as a solo project, since 2016 they’ve released 3 albums and an EP on independent cassette tape label Ice Cream. The band have also been a finalist in the 2017/2018 Aberdeen Eruption Battle of the Bands sponsored by Captain Toms and the Evening Express, featured on a compilation tape released under POST/POP Records and recently had airplay on Jim Gellatly’s show on Amazing Radio. ‘Robert Mugabe’ is a shimmering new-wave altruism which makes you want to dance, even in the light of such an authoritarian historical figure. Heavy subject. Heavy demands. Awesome night out in Aberdeen. Oh and if you are in Aberdeen, see this fabulous band next @ The Cellar on January 25th.


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