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Dan Rappaport

SGL – Mountains Small

St. Louis-based singer/songwriter hawking country and punk-inspired acoustic ballads about life, consciousness, and the worlds we inhabit – a Midwestern folk rock that makes you want to go hiking for days. With three part harmonies, upright bass, drums, and mandolin. Emphatic folk vibes, candid and enthusiastic, writhe in honesty and aplomb. The cast of characters in ‘Mountains Small’ is a culmination of all those little thoughts and feelings we’d always had, and wanted for our living world. Conservation and thoughtfulness is at the epic pillar of SGL’s work. it continues with ‘Mountains Small’. See SGL next @ Foam Coffee And Beer, St. Louis Missouri December 7th.

Dan Rappaport – Stand In The Distance

Dan Rappaport’s 4th single “Stand In The Distance” shows a different side of his music. Being a massive Grateful Dead fan, you can hear the large influence in this song featuring a smooth lap steel guitar to bring it all together. And doesn’t that feel so good? Like a warm shower of reality over your life-weary body, the soothing gasp of notions, tickle your very fiber and helps you with the plight of difficulties and challenges. Close your eyes, and relax to the southern rock vibe and goodness from ‘Stand in The Distance’. Dan’s vocals is warm and delights us with all of the fixin’s of life’s best, even in the hardest times. Dan’s also a member of Dead Meat band. His solo works hits above the belt, and then some.

Owen Danoff – Side Effects

“‘Side Effects’ is a song about relationships, and how after they end, they affect us in ways we don’t expect,” said Owen. “Even if the ending of the relationship is for the best, it’s a hard thing to go through. It’s a special song for me because it was borne out of personal experience and written with some of my best friends. Though I’ve released music before, this feels like it’s my first single ever because it’s a new sound for me and I think the best song I’ve ever released.” Fleeting imaginations gather at the corner of life, as the leaves of autumn gather at the courtyard. The sullen vocal expressions, sprinkle with confident gentility in ‘Side Effects’. The decadence of lessons learned and not, the flow of time and space will never be the same without her – him. Reminisce in smiles of hindsight – then lets move on to the best you can be. See him next @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC January 9th, 2020.

Renwick – Why Can’t I Leave It Alone?

Renwick is a 21-year-old Sydney based musician. He’s quite the charmer in ‘Why Can’t I Leave it Alone?’. A pop drenched, electro vibin’ single that touches on the uniqueness of solidarity and solitude. Questions of the other, whether deserved or not, wrinkle the day’s of responsibility and puts you off onto off-kilter distractions. A mature and decadent presentation, this single from Renwick sucks up all of the oxygen of doubt and remorse, as it spouts truths and improprieties, together in the same spot of bother. Angst is the lo-fi definition of what this song represent. And its shimmering bed-room alt-pop vibe glistens with pride, as its sophisticated actions simply overwhelm your senses. See Renwick next @ Yulli’s Brews, Alexandria NSW on December 20th.

Alice Jemima – Somebody

New album ‘Everything Changes’ releases Feb 28th, 2020. Following on from her last single ‘Our Love’ which achieved Spotify’s New music Friday, Alice Jemima has revealed her fourth new self-penned single ’Somebody’. Said Alice: “‘Somebody’ is a more experimental track from Jemima, layering drums, bongos and a house-kick over her sultry vocal. She describes the single, “The track centres around that fear of ‘missing out’ (FOMO!) but particularly the fear of missing out on being close to somebody you really care about. The repetition of your daily routine gets in the way and can be hard to break from – and actually stepping out of that routine can be a scary thought! Ultimately the track is about wanting to let go…” There’s nobody who won’t be into this electro-pop goodness. With delicate pedals of synth, acolytes to the pump of love and its cohorts, ‘Somebody’ consumes the fires of within, and delivers with calm beauty and vibe. Oh heck yea.


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