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FIVE // Defenestrators : The Damnsels : さとうかさね (Sato Kasane) : Tim Baker : Capital Sons


Defenestrators – Parallel Lines

“It’s not ideal for the sound, but you’ve got concrete on the floor, on the walls, and on the ceiling. Sometimes, an electric scooter is in the way. There’s a fridge that doesn’t keep any beverages. And good luck trying to stay here in the summer. But as long as Len can fit his guitar amps, and as long as Chris has room for his drum kit, the bungalow is best.” Len Lopez and Chris Trifiletti are this gritty but supple invigoration of shoegaze based altruism, that is the Defenestrators. Light and smashing; loyal and dashing – ‘Parallel Lines’ stimulate with that magic it has, and it’s welcomed. For its tastes of decadence, tempered in the mire of life and of living, distractions never are the culmination of pity. But it certainly can be an inspiration for such as this. Lovely.

The Damnsels – Paper Machè

Uber talented punks, The Damnsels, are made of Alex Leniz, Eric Hathaway, and Drunk Ass Devon. Pasco County, Florida baed band kicks ass again with this single. With an intro that is Metallica Garage-Days-esque, and as nu-punk fab as the vocals they represent, ‘Paper Machè’ is something to behold. We remind you again: “Exciting chords, raucous vocals, berating mannerisms, get you in the door and never lets you leave the party.” Hells yea. See them next @ Ollies Pub- Records and Beer, Cape Coral, Florida January 10th. Oh, and bring your attitude. You’re in for a good time.

さとうかさね (Sato Kasane) – On My Way

“This song is about New beginning. Sound that respect Japanese city pop of 80’s and 70’s.” Sato Kasane is a Tokyo based singer/songwriter, with some jazzy moves and palpitatingly guiding simmer. Ol’ school meets the new school visions and energy of Sato. And it feels, oh so good. Like the innocence of your years gone by, the memories are fulfilled again in glitches of Beta and the girl who you had a crush on. Small steps of dance, becomes big moves of love and relationships, decor. ‘On My Way’ is just love, in the best way possible. Let’s listen. Let’s enjoy.

Tim Baker – The Eighteenth Hole

Tim stated: “It was the first video I’ve ever been a part of where I was almost completely hands off with the production. My manager Jase reached out to Amos, who we’ve been a fan of for quite some time and shared a series of scenes that I’d dreamt up. It was decided that he would fly to Newfoundland with his producer, cinematographer and crew and use pretty much the entire budget just slowly shooting as many beautiful, sad, interesting scenes as they could in a week. I never saw anything until the first assembly about a month later. I love it so much. It’s very fitting but open, nostalgic but new and I hope you like it.” Tim released The Eighteenth Hole Variations EP on October 18, which featured a gorgeous vocal trio reconfiguration of the album track, as well as the song performed as solo piano. Tim’s songs are as relevant to his statement of his past: “From the very beginning, I’ve always felt surprised that people gave such a shit… I felt that if I had this opportunity or this voice then I should say something that I really want to express.” That energy lives in his songs. And we can feel it. All of it. Beauty at its peak, in ‘The Eighteenth Hole’. He’s a part of band Hey! Rosetta, as well.

Capital Sons – Born Into Chaos

“‘Born Into Chaos’ is about being born born into a world of conflict, disadvantage and disorder, but finding new strength in being able to adapt, survive and eventually thrive.” With a progression that is in the best traditions of RUSH, U2, and Coldplay, the multi-genre sounding vibes of exciting Capital Sons, guides you into another fold of the universe. Their critically-acclaimed, self-titled, debut Capital Sons (2005), garnered generous airplay on 89.3 FM The Current. Their sophomore release, Dirty Neon (2009), featured heartfelt lyrics and intriguing song arrangements. Swim the High Tide (2013) incorporated Hammond organ, piano, ukulele, and even sitar. Rose-Colored World (2018) is the band’s first full-length album and showcases a guitar-driven sound and songwriting with heart, soul, and substance which has garnered plenty of critical acclaim both in print and online. Consisting of talents Karl Obermeyer, Keith Raney, Rick Paukert, and Mike Jueneman drive up your corridor to happiness with ‘Born Into Chaos’. The soaring vibes and the emblematic atmosphere, deliver with unalterable magic. Let this Minneapolis originating band rock your world. See them next @ Mayslacks, Minneapolis on January 24th.


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