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FIVE // Deus Rex : J-Rob MD & Ken Bauer : Alex Messina : Pengwin : Tired Eyes Kingdom

Deus Rex

Deus Rex – Ready For

Off of mega LP ‘Same Face, Different Body’, Deus Rex opens your eyes with ‘Ready For’. Deus Rex is a Belgian born Darkwave/Dream pop, Cinematic Synthwave score composer and digital artist. Originally an art director in Atlanta, Deus Rex i now a producer and resident DJ, who’s synthesizer-heavy music is fueled by Scifi, 80s music TV and films. And it is easy to dig deep into his works, as the synth deliciousness is intertwined in goodness, throughout ‘Ready For’ and in his LP. Part movie track, all retro excellence, the hues that DR offers is both archaic and dramatic for the senses.

J-Rob MD & Ken Bauer – Feels Just Right

Los Angeles based producer J-ROB MD has teamed up with the well-established Stockholm producer Ken Bauer, and the results are just pure magic. This stand-out collaboration has put the cherry on the top of what has been an incredible year for Ken Bauer. After releasing hits such as ‘Revolver’, ‘Plastic Love’ and more recently his remix of Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner’s ‘Alone’, Ken has cemented himself as one of the most exciting talents in the Future House scene.

Alex Messina – Gears Of War

Italian DJ and Producer Alex Messina is an artist who doesn’t confine his music to a specific genre, his latest release ‘Gears Of War’ explores the depths of Trance and Progressive House. There is something deep and mysterious about ‘Gears Of War’ with hints of Spanish influences that automatically draws you in. As the track ebbs and flows flawlessly, close attention is paid to the atmosphere with it building in just the right places.

Pengwin Ft. Kenny Brock – Never

Atlanta DJ and Producer Pengwin is back with a brand new melodic and groovy release titled ‘Never’. The track features bright and upbeat piano chords following a gradual build up that leads to the one and only Kenny Brock and his ever so silky vocals. Synth-heavy, the song with Kenny offering his falsetto range as it dances across the beat – all working together in harmony. Pengwin pays tribute to his Latin roots via his Dominican heritage and moulds his artistry into a multitude of genres including EDM, Hip Hop and r&b. Accessibility and adaptiveness, combine in Pengwin to deliver fabulous, danceability and excitement.

Tired Eyes Kingdom – Yallah

Tired Eyes Kingdom said of ‘Yallah’: “[The song} started with a very old sample of a kids Choir. It was never meant to be a TEK song since we are normally tend into the more vocal oriented dark side of music making, But when we started jamming over this 4 bar loop chopped from the original sample. We had too much fun that we decided to put our serious faces aside for a minute and put on our dancing shows.” Made up of delicious designers of sound, Elif Dikec, Isabelle Pabst, Felix Nisblé, and Yotam Schlezinger and you can see them next @ Druckluft, Oberhausen, Germany on January 10th. And why should you? Because they can make you happy. Can’t you tell from this single? Toe tappin’ good fun, with a conscious level of beauty and deliverance. That means it’s good sh*t =D Let’s dance!


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