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Eva Gertz

Eva Gertz – Birch Trees

“’Birch Trees’,” said Eva Gertz, “is about a beautiful figurative place that appeared to me in a dream, calling me: “come explore this place; leave behind the familiar place; make the change that you want.” Consequently, this song sounds very dreamlike with expressive piano and vocals. Eva added that the song is promise of looking “inward for strength, courage, and self-trust; Go forth and explore your ‘birch trees’ place.” Songwriter and pianist Eva Gertz is originally from Massachusetts. Reflective, honest, relatable lyrics and a moody Joni Mitchell-informed writing style flow expressively. And like water colors upon a time of personal gratitudes, the shimmer of doubts for the unknown, diminish with each step of experience and lessons learned. The kernel of sorrows that display at the edges of existing, are pushed back with an ample gumption of determination and ultimate confirmation. Eva would like you to get there. She knows you can.

Still Eighteen – Gubalinda

“‘Gubalinda’ is an ultra-fun,” stated Still Eighteen, “super-catchy alt-rock song. Sonically, think David Bowie’s glam rock style meets Pixies, with the feel-good quality of party favorites like ‘Bohemian Like You’ and ‘The Denial Twist’. The members of Still Eighteen (mother, father, and daughter team of Karen, Joey, and Samantha Ciotti) tackle topics like, war, greed, poverty, and environmental degradation in their music. The subject matter is poignant and always a serious one, but the trio makes music for their enjoyment as much as for their fans. And every step they take, the songs’ alternative and unique idiosyncrasies takes the listener into a realm that didn’t exist before. Counter intuitive rhythms, interesting pace in its vibe, and vocals that are as cosmically contrasting as any other, the layers of fun and deviance comes through with flying colors. Still Eighteen is unique, to say the least. What a family! (Check out Samantha (aka Bambi), as her style of alt-pop music is, itself, one of our faves. Go parents!)

Nel Unlit x Tom Joshua x Gina Walters – Unhung

“Unhung tells the story of Billy Scutt,” stated Nel Unlit, “a criminal waiting to be hung for his crime. He is offered a stay of his execution if he agrees to become the new hangman. He is good at the job as his life depends on it and carries out the role for many years. He marries and has children and when old and seemingly to frail to do the job, the sheriff’s men finally come to take him to be hung. He has his family tie his noose around his waist and use it to hoist him up and he stands, to demonstrate his strength and orders the men away. He dies that night in his sleep.” It is the 2nd single from upcoming album, ‘Wake for the dreaming’. Nel Unlit are a group of nine songwriters, storytellers and musicians who have their roots all over the North East of England and Northern Ireland. Uplifts you to the heavens, warm in its arms, and caressed by its confidence. The combination of sounds, melt your ‘everyday’ and let’s go. See them next @ Bobiks, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, February 15th, 2020.

The Motor Tom – Weight Off

Recorded partially in a barn in the Hudson Valley, NY and partially in bedrooms and closets in Brooklyn, ‘Weight Off’ is the second single off of “Lava Land,” the third record from The Motor Tom. The Motor Tom is a NYC 4-piece, and they are a group of humans who record their own records. Nick Schupak said: “The storytelling became a lot tidier when we decided to break things down into smaller pieces. Each EP has its own color, its own atmosphere. ‘Lava Land’ is red, and dangerous. The next one will be violet and sensual.” When you listen to this single, you feel you’re just out on the middle of the Sahara desert, and you scream out your grievances to the setting orange sun over the horizon. Relieving and satisfactory, in decadence – the pot marked and riddled world, melts away. Added Nick: “Many of our songs have rather scrupulously written and edited lyrics steeped in metaphor. Not this one. This is just a song about a boy who isn’t crazy about himself but is totally crazy about a girl.” Word.

loneshark – Bringing Me Down

“Bringing Me Down” is my third and final single of 2019. “It’s my catchiest song yet with what some consider my best vocal performance thus far,” stated Johnny Vitale. “I would say this song takes influences from indie/lofi and synth/anti-pop genres, though it does well in standing on its own. The song is about the interim period where you’ve fallen out of love with your partner. It’s a tough place to be in when the person you loved is the person that’s causing you the most pain now. However, I am not one for making utterly bleak, sad songs. ‘Bringing Me Down’ has energy, a new twist on a painful process. There’s something universal about the track that I can’t really explain.” Johnny’s vocals is it. Like coke is it, Johnny’s deep vibes makes things just fine and dandy. Exploding world that’s going to hell in a hand-basket? No worries. Johnny’s here for ya. The warmth of contemplation, is evenly spread through his music and it’s beautifully confirming. You, Johnny, all of us – we can all get into it. For sho’. Johnny’s vibe and wit, comes in a 22 year old’s body and mind. Kudos.

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