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Ferrari Garden

Ferrari Garden – Cities

“This song is about feeling stuck in a city that is burning up before your eyes, metaphorically or otherwise.” Ferrari Garden is disgustingly good. You know. When you listen and you’re heaving with dance when you know you don’t deserve it. You know. When you are driving in your car, listening to FG and you’re overcome with guilt because you can’t give 100% of your attention to her song (i.e. keep you eyes on the road)? But don’t worry. Others feel that way too. Like so many from Montreal and Toronto, Ferrari Garden is a art-electro project that is in the vein of LCD Soundsystem and Róisín Murphy, but with a distinct and arguably as visceral. The arrangement is what hits you like a Panzer tank. With FG’s vocals right up there with the infantry of noise and sultry vibes, glisten over your skin – gently and feverishly. The hairs on your skin stand up in attention, like Storm Troopers in seeing Darth Vader. It’s an arrangement of distinct brain functions that are FG patented. The writhing-ly good soul vibes, funk your way to a dance of goodness. Fun? Heck yes. Say it with us. ‘Cities’ is fabulous, fun, and oh so cool. Look for her EP release in February 2020. See her next @ Monarch Tavern, Toronto Ontario on January 17th.

Nicole – Queen You Are (Remix by Marzman,j)

Decadent rise with fall, casts over catacombs of love and exquisite vocal mysteries. Remixed by Marzman, j, the introduction of different casts and formations in this song is delightfully emotional and diabolical. “I make plinky plonky music of all different electronic genres. Have a look through, there is probably at least one track to your taste..” Sure does. With fabulous results, indeed.

Stonerpop – House of Cards

The 3rd single/video from album ‘American Dreams’, it tries to reflect on the “hypocrisy of the state of immigration in the United States (and globally).” Jimmie Maneuva and Maudie Michelle make up Stonerpop. And the American electronic duo, are freakishly fabulous at making something new, something tantalizing, something eye demanding. Ultimately forming Stonerpop in 2016, they released their first, self-titled EP. We’d stated: “It’s much more forward thinking than you’d imagined. In the dark-pop layers, you will find the positivity for life that is the cornerstone of this duo. Work for it. It’ll be satisfyingly devious.” That’s still true. But now, the synth work is sublime and makes this single glorious.

Sam Brockington – Northern Slang / This Time

“‘Northern Slang/This Time’ is love song inspired by the little idiosyncrasies and features of a person that make them unique,” said Sam. “Stylistically I was inspired by artists like Matt Corby and Fleet Foxes use of layered harmonies coming in one by one to create a swirling and full backdrop for the melody to sit on.” Hailing from Devon, Sam began his solo career as a busker in Melbourne, Australia, where he was able to develop a distinctive folk inspired singer-songwriter style influenced by the likes of Matt Corby. After partnering with Sentric the song was chosen to be featured in a large selection of high street stores in the UK in 2020 and has now premiered on BBC Introducing pre-release.

Flo – Between The Lines

“‘Between The Lines’ is the conclusion and hopeful ending to a series of three singles released consecutively. I wrote it during my last year of uni, it’s a song about accepting that you cannot go against time so although change can be scary, you have to keep looking on the bright side – ‘Hope is my guilty pleasure’ – and remember that it is ultimately change that leads to new and exciting adventures…” Flo is a Singer-songwriter who mixes intricate instrumental arrangements with soothing vocals to create warm sonic landscapes that transport you to another world. The world collapses in love when Flo sings. Her heavenly presentation in this single is reminiscent of the best traditions of 70’s soft rock ballads of your memories. The folk suppositions tell stories of delight and guilty pleasures. And it’s just infectiously beautiful to hear her hum her lyrics into the ether. ‘Between The Lines’ radically is sticky, as the whole form of the song is so very athletic in its nature. You just can’t help but admire its construction. Flo makes this so beautiful. She’s, Floriane Hu, and she’s based out of London. Look for even more from the talented artist.

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