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FIVE // Frederick The Younger : Saffron A x Claire Hunter : Catch a Dinosaur : Dream Wulf : Devon Gillingham

Frederick The Younger

Frederick The Younger – Something Real

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jenni Cochran grew up loving music. Going as far back as third grade, Cochran had a fire to write songs. Growing up in Louisville, Aaron Craker learned to play guitar and keyboard at an early age. Eventually forming the band Dr. Vitamin, so named for his grandfather who discovered vitamin’s A and D, Craker dedicated himself to his craft. There is an earnestness to their newest songs that rings true, the kind of sincerity born from experience. These songs feel alive and well-lived, tragic, beautiful, and contemplative. Frederick the Younger’s new EP ‘Fever’, expected early 2020. See these dynamic duo next @ Isis Music Hall, Asheville, North Carolina January 24th.

Saffron A x Claire Hunter – The Road & The Radio

Saffron A is a solo artist who paints deep, dark, verbal portraits with strokes of wit and authenticity that belie her years. In the past year, she has showcased at Folk Music Ontario, and embarked across the border to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance. And in ‘The Road & The Radio’ the duo experience the Simon & Garfunkel vibe of notes to friends of loves. The ladies are so, so good in this. The harmonies as delicious as tingling spines, the duet explodes with perfection. Saffron A’s new EP’s ‘Resilience and Resistance are a part of a “concept album. Resilience explores the complexity of human emotions and experiences”, in the aftermath of sexual assault. Resistance focuses on themes of anger, and understanding the failures of the Canadian Justice System. Saffron A is a delightfully powerful, and rivetingly communication for her ever personal struggles, that she can relate with others. Fantastic collab in ‘The Road & The Radio, indeed. Bravo.

Catch a Dinosaur – Minor Details

“Spencer Davies is the drummer from another mother. Finnigan Hanson is the deadly-guitar journeyman. Matt Soni is the Indie Inquisitor. Together they are the dreamy Indie-jam-surf trio that is Catch a Dinosaur.” It’s true. Their sound in ‘Minor Details’ is galactic. It shimmers as the stars above certainly offer. An instrumental that deserves no lyrics, for it embodies the righteousness of a worded song, and then some. It embues the feelings and vibes that you’d want, with the vocal silence that is sumptuously deserved. In the best traditions of the likes of living legends of Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and David Gilmour, the kaleidoscope of colors are clear and beautiful from where we stand. Catch these folks next @ Aeronaut Brewing Company, Somerville, Massachusetts January 18th.

Dream Wulf – Last Known Purple

Portland psychedelic band Dream Wulf’s single ‘Last Known Purple’ the final single of their debut LP ‘All Things Unconsidered’. “”We wanted to feel something different – something that drove us and at the same time something we could let go of and let it take control of us. Jessica and I were living in Austin, Texas writing the demo for this album. We had written and recorded a song a day every day for the last two days. I asked her to write a love song – and the rest is history!” This song is about the synergy that touches us all. It is, in turn, about the incredible energy that lifts the spirits from within and pulls you to what some may call a destiny- if one listens. We can all feel magic when we align with our purpose and continue to listen to the wind and the power within – howling with unbridled creativity, desire, and passion to be let out. See them next @ Holocene Portland, Oregon February 6th.

Devon Gillingham – December

Devon Gillingham is a writer and musician. He currently splits his time between his home town of Winnipeg, Canada, and New York City. His first EP, ‘December’ is out now. This is the title track. It’s sultry. It’s simple. It’s raw. It’s complicated. Devon wanted it that way. Devon didn’t intended it that way. We wanted it that way. You needed it that way. Driving and injected in sweat, blood, and concepts of the surreal, the thrusting thumps of heartbeats tells of palpable convictions and derisions of the unknown. ‘December’ is real. It gives. It juxtaposes with amber glow. Devon’s vocals of empathy, support your every move. The light tinges of delight, in the guitar work, makes you feel comforted. Yes. It’s real.


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