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Human Barbie

Human Barbie – Be Careful What You Wish For

“Formed in 2018 by songwriter Chris Leopold, Human Barbie is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl.” Ain’t that the truth. Just in the best traditions of bands like Bread and America, this indie goodness just is mighty and vibrant as can be. Get sucked in. Into the arms of the vacuously decadent spiral of Human Barbie’s single. Recorded with 1/2” analog tape, “Be Careful What You Wish For” was captured and mixed with 100% analog effects, reverb, and performance techniques. As many others have agreed: “Let’s sigh a deeper sigh.. and live this second and minute. A little bit longer.” The song is a decoder ring that unlocks the message of Human Barbie’s debut album Get a Life, due out in early 2020 from Poor Man Records.

onehourphoto – Enough

Onehourphoto is the solo project of Federico Sanchez 111. “It began in his bedroom in Southeast LA after wanting to try a new approach to writing music. With onehourphoto he hopes to capture moments through songs. Like a polaroid with sounds.” And just like a polaroid, it’s the slight imperfections of life that is the most memorable and precious. Federico knows this, and as life goes on, a fulfilling air of destruction, make itself known to most of us, here on earth. With commercialization and distraction, ever so greater, the most important things in life are often foregone to the back of the station wagon of emotions. Will it ever change? The evidence says, that it’ll probably get worse. But there are islands of sanity. And one of those is the lyrics of onehourphoto, and the like. Live it like you should, yo.

Nolan Garrett – The Camel

“‘The Camel’ was written in the Summer of 2018 and is based off of Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of three metamorphoses. Drawing off many different styles and textures I attempted to make this cinematic and expansive while still maintaining the integrity of my bedroom DIY approach.” No state of being nihilistic and dire. That onion layer is just a hung frame of reference in this living room full of opportunities. Nietzsche would approve. A restful soul, with a why to how things can be, will find out how to survive and be the best it or she or he, can be. Nolan’s ‘The Camel’ is a fabulously light, in the drapes of delight, as it drops the philosophy with a tint of grin and bear it. Life is life. Definitions are individual. Realities will shift. Angst is forever. If you want. Garrett left his hometown of Tacoma, Washington for Liverpool, UK to attend Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He’s a wonderful artist and shines throughout. With glimmering vocals, every part of a lyrical word, touches you with conviction and ambition.

keplar – Saturday Song

Based in Canterbury, Kent (UK) and formally known as The Spanish Infanta’, these progressive noise makers have moved on from their surf psychedelia beginnings and channeled their Garage Rock sound. “We wanted to do something relaxed , that’s not neo-fuzzed. My mum always asks me why I don’t play soft pretty music so I gave it a go. Lyrically its kind of a reaction to the current western political climate.” Trent Castro, Solomon Lawson, and Henry Gabbott make up this deliberate rock outfit, and the invitingly emphatic sounds, become them, truly. Mom pushed you to do it with ‘Saturday Song’, but you surely made it your own. Indeed.

Happy Freuds – Push (Duncan Morrison mix)

“We talk, we scream and always have too long intros…but there is both a guitar solo and ride on the china cymbal… so was fun to do and it’s just music.!” Simple. Easy. Direct. Rock. That’s what ‘Push’ is all about. Analogue and authentic style rock, music is intentionally produced with a minimum of overdubs or fixes. They aim to be a lot more Crazy Horse than Bon Jovi. But in ‘Push’ we think they’ve done a step better. Because of its unique integration and fabulous lyrics, it builds and builds into a fabulously dynamic alternative sort that just shines. See them next @ Espai La Senieta, Valenciana, Spain on January 31st. Happy Freuds is Teo Holmstrom, Victor Holmstrom, Sergio Cañadas, and Donato Asensio Giner.


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