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I.L.Y.A. – Shut the F**k Up

The new single “Shut the F**k Up” explores new horizons for the artist. On the edge of hip-hop and pop, this upbeat daring track is full of energy and makes a point that sometimes people are being “too loud”. I.L.Y.A. as always raises a social problem in a non-judging way to make the most positive outcome. Gaining traction in Russia and wanting to explore musically, I.L.Y.A made the decision to venture to New York City in 2018 where the diverse artistic space has only fueled his creativity. Quirky, and so very relevant. The ear worm attitude of I.L.Y.A is unavoidably delicious.

The Evening Empire – Oh My

Slow leaning of her head, into his shoulder’s edge started it all. It was a match made in heave, with seemingly a perfect fit, in comfort and excitement. She glanced up towards his face, and to her surprise, he’d been watching her too. With a small approving smile, he gazed at her eyes with deep intent. Confusion, decadence, surprise, happiness, depression – all were in the new road that was set forth for the couple. A new future awaited them. If they wanted it. If they can get there. She smiled back at him. His arm parted and lifted around and surrounded, to let her inside. Fate was sealed. Alexander Frizzera leads a list of talents to come to a fruition. Sweet, and tangy, irony of sight and sound, mask the understated longing that is profound.

Sicayda – It Changed

Sicayda is a shoegaze/alternative band from Toronto, Canada. With Marcos Villar, Kevin Tipan, Ian Fragomeni, and Zachary Clarke doing their thang to bring the music of Sicayda to life, the driving energy and genuine musical efforts, deliver with thrusting embers in rock goodness. “We’ve been playing this track a while live and it’s always a favorite so we wanted to release it for people to actually hear the song at its core. The lyrics and mood we feel is more relevant today then when it was written years ago; It still embodies what we feel is Sicayda’s sound…” At the raw core of it all, fun is at the center of Sicayda. Live or studio, there’s a part of Sicayda that will get you to smile and romp.

Norman Collins – All I Wanted Was Roses

Living on a dream, sucking off of the life blood of visions and aims – Norman Collins’ sing’e ‘All I Wanted Was Roses’ is a delicate rock n’ roll Americana that surpasses the whims of feeling broken, and dashes for the cliffs of unknown loves that could be. A mad recount for the mistakes and circumstances, which festered into a grand ol’ pile of remorse and detriment. Ironing things out seems to be the order of the day. But will it be too late? Norman’s guitar vibes sparkle with the classic strums of grand ol’ masters, and invite you to dance to the beat. Bop, you shall.

ephemerals – electricity

Wolfgang Valbrun and Hillman Mondegreen head this collage of artists in the effort to piercing the likelihood of unrelenting dreams and desires. Singer Wolf met composer Hillman at a gig their respective bands were playing, somewhere in France. The pair have collaborated with dozens of musicians over the years and are planning the release of a fourth album for early 2020 along with a full scale European tour including several cities. Bridled with attitudes of experimentation where recording and mixing techniques to illustrate the artistic concepts behind the songs has been key in the overall character of ‘the third eye’ album sound. See this delight of an offering next @ Mejeriet, Lund Sweden February 20th, 2020.


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