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IEVA – Sacrifice

“‘Sacrifice’ was written about our ability as human beings to hurt each other deeply without realizing the impact of our actions on others.” Joel Darling, Ieva Berberian, and Sean Greenhalgh make this project swing and move the way it does. A glittering pop of stupendous depth and internal struggles, a massively poetic intuition of words meshed and dilated, comes at once towards the public gates. Vocals of Ieva, drench your senses as those visions of rainy interactions with the lover of your dreams. The excitement and welled up graduations for what is up ahead, puts forth the positivity that is nearly necessary for the times of this millennia. A kind and relevant notion for the world we live, IEVA delivers with pomp certitude and new-wave sheen.

Michael Summers and 30 Miles East – Losing You

“This song was written about someone that was broke hearted and said they had given up on finding someone. He always told me he just wanted to get over her and when he was always about there she would come crawling back to him.” This is the 2nd song off of the band’s upcoming EP. Michael’s vibrant, melancholic, and understated brutality is tempered with the sight of understanding within the lyrics. A self realization soars from the fingers and vibe of the song, as it casts no dispersions but of self regulated reflection into the mirror. Regrets are deterents to future risks. Especially in love, and of potential loves. Desire makes way for the waves of disappointments. Sad truth, in a fabulous single. See them next @ Sideways, Rockwall Texas on December 19th.

Over Motion – Buried in a Hole

“The chorus melody was originally written as a bridge for another song. I liked it so much that it became its own piece instead. It’s pseudo-melancholic with the vaguely inspiring message of ‘do what you love and it will all be okay’.” Misplaced optimism by Over Motion? What?! What you talking about Willis. The encircled curiosity of Over Motion is an impending danger to your normal sense for music. The oddly staggered funky sounds of the band, comes to full fruition with ‘Buried in a Hole’. The dancey vibes, dance with you as you’re trying to keep up. Over Motion is the solo project of a years long drummer, culminated from dozens of collaborative musical endeavors, a wide array of rock influences, and boiled into his one-man pot with which he hopes to feed the world. Word.

Thai Food – Waste of Time

Formed in July of 2018 by guitarist Curtis Narayanan and singer/instrumentalist Cory Eklund, the duo founders were joined by bassist Thom Haenlein, and drummer Thomas Baker. Said the band: “The song is about authority figures in our adolescence that buy into the idea that there is a very specific way to live your life, and how the idea of playing in our band was called a ‘Waste of Time'”. Thai Food’s beginning milestones was that they’d recorded their first EP at St Andrew’s Middle School. Then literally graduating through the country’s educational system, the band of four bandits in music and subsequent vibes, deliver with punch and bravado with ‘Waste of Time’. The song is a galant inquisition into exercise of authority, opined into existence with gumption and just rhetorical explanations. With Cake and Presidents Of The United States kind of vibes, rolling of their musical tongues, the formally educated gents, in turn, educate you – the listener – in rock n’ roll attitude. Word.

Skuff Micksun – Bad Days

“A daily reminder of how precious life is and to live each day as if it could be your last. With only a guitar and vocals carrying the message through strong melody, we can belt these lyrics in attempt to live and love without boundaries. It feels good and we hope you feel that too.” Skuff Micksun has been making waves on the underground scene in Cleveland both as a musician, and an artist. Said Skuff: “I’m a Music makin’,Tattooed tattin’, Wood pushin’, Art paintin’, care free kinda guy. Believe in higher powers that are easily untouchable. Paranoid but comfortable. I am who I am and I won’t change for them.” Casey Skufca is behind the project Skuff Micksun. An unambiguous, uninhibited musical project, the solo artist dedicates solitudes of essence, into parts of his experienced world and lay claims to possibilities and contested justice. Life is unfair, and hard, and confusing at times. Like Skuff, his audience does their best to survive. Getting through those bad days, with minimal scars, is what we all try to do. Skuff, understands.


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