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FIVE // Irena Zilic : Alfie Neale : Hazlett : Halcyon Fields : New Fang

Irena Zilic

Irena Zilic – Tremors

Irena Zilic is a Croatian musician steadily growing in popularity and garnering international recognition. She entered the music scene by shyly self-publishing her first recordings as the “Days of Innocence” EP at the end of 2012. “Tremors”, the third single from Irena’s upcoming EP “Small Hours” (2020), is a melancholic sequel to Irena’s previously released material. Saxophone lines intertwining with Irena’s soft vocals and subtle samples shape frustration and fear caused by unchangeable tides and emotional tremors. Vibes of ‘jealousy’ and ‘love’, the vocals of Irena is Natalie Merchant-esque with delightful joy and sadness, wrapped in that shimmering melancholy. In a musical Universe, that’s a rare and beautiful thing to witness. The sultry delivery of ‘Tremors’ is thoughtful intuitions in relationships and devastations. A manic perpetration, that we all can relate and have experienced, Irena tells it like it is, as we would feel them. Irena’s work is something to vibe and we can’t wait to hear more.

Alfie Neale – Elevator

Singer/Songwriter Alfie, from South-West England and living in Brighton, explores influences from Soul, Hip-Hop, Disco and everything in-between with a band from every corner of Europe. The 6-piece band pack their sets full of both thought-provoking lyrics and roof-raising energy. And Alfie’s latest single ‘Elevator’ is ‘love’. The pop song with the very much standards bop vibe, mixes and crosses into indie atmospheres, where we listen with jaws on floor. The snap of realization pours out of the vibe of ‘Elevator’, making you fall in love again, and again. Currently on his first headline tour across the UK, including dates in London and Manchester, it’s obvious that the wheels of Alfie Neale’s hype train are very much in motion, and you could do far worse than getting on board.

Hazlett – Monsters

Australian singer/songwriter Hazlett is one heck of an emotional, stubborn, romantic and unassuming guy and that’s the way he likes it. The beautifully sweeping MONSTERS is brought to us by the usual tandem of Hazlett and his collaborator/confidant Freddy Alexander, unveiling yet another intriguing layer in his coming of age catalogue and much anticipated EP due in early 2020. “A new bar opened up in my hometown that became the place to go. I’ve never been much of a social butterfly but found myself following the crowd too. I started to notice the same people there week-in week-out, usually hooking up with someone different each time or even with someone who I thought their friend was with the week before… I caught myself judging and I absolutely hated myself for it.” Natural affinity for expressing the things beyond our control. A self realization of things that weren’t oblivious before. Waking up, we live with new empowerment and in this case, beautifully constructed pop.

Halcyon Fields – Black Maps of Light

“The song started out about finding the light and inspiration in your darkest moments. Being able to find your self-worth despite the monotony of life and disappointments.” Halcyon Fields is an alternative fusion band hailing from Columbia, SC. They consist of singer and guitarist Andrew Stafford, guitarist Michael Moore, keyboard player James Roby and newcomers: bassist Kien Mitchell and drummer Evan Kakowski. Halcyon Fields create a unique sound that stands out from the rest of their peers. They are currently working on a new EP and a new line-up of shows.

New Fang – Dry Well

Dry Well is an energetic and in your face rock and roll track that features vocals drenched in attitude, a butt shaking beat, and a ripping guitar solo. The Tampa, Florida based band, began as the passion project of Tyler Coy and Zach Short. Now, it’s got that momentum that entertains their fans like there’s no tomorrow. The New Fang tone sounds like you could rock out to it 40 years ago as much as you could 40 years from now. It’s no surprise that they are heavily inspired by treasured acts like Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles. See this exciting live band next @ Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg Florida December 13th. Guitar work like SVR, the succulent rock n’ roll fun-ness oozes with pride and you should thank your lucky stars. Listen and rock out!


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