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FIVE // Janee x Lunis : Lil French Horn : Fat Koala Disorder : The People Versus : US3R

Janee, Lunis

Janee x Lunis – Fall

Janee and Lunis’ new single “Fall” blends Janee’s electronic, orchestral and symphonic universe with Laurène’s powerful voice, from the duo Lunis (who recently worked with Yall & Royale Avenue). Janee (who produces for Bob Sinclar, Robbie Williams) knows how to stand out with the organic sound of the strings, which he always knows how to master. His body hit the crashing edges of the deep, with profound magnitude. The surrounding villages felt the impact. As his mind swirled in destitute, he looked at the sky above, with profound and devastating disillusionment. There must be a way, right?

Lil French Horn – Cotton Candy Booty

“I did the vocals and all the work. I started teh production with a simple fun playful tech house beat that alternates between “A” and “B” sections every 30 seconds. Eery verse (B section) is a unique riff with my instinctive sound of nu disco / vaporwave / synthwave / future funk.” She scraped at her wound, with its encrusted remains of blood and plasma – a wound where a hefty battle between the body’s immune system, pushed back the insurgent hoards of the outside world. Scratch, scratch, scratch, she dug. What will she find? ‘Cotton Candy Booty’ is of that same ilk. It scratches your head, as it blooms with petals of unassuming grandeur.

Fat Koala Disorder – Roy’s Dream

Fat Koala Disorder is a musical duo from Warsaw. It comprises of Fat Koala, an experienced musician, composer and sound designer and Disorder, his music production student. The unlikely duo of a younger master and an older apprentice had been musically experimenting and co-creating for months until their first low-profile release on April 1, 2019. Their first single French Fries Love has been appreciated primarily by audiences in Sweden, The UK, The US, Poland and Ibiza, Spain.

The People Versus – Ground Opening

‘Ground Opening’ is a re-telling of the myth of Hades and Persephone, the ancient Greek tale explaining the turn of the seasons. It is about Love and power dynamics in relationships. It was written with a real focus on a journey between our smallest and most intimate possible moments, written into stark contrast with a huge five part harmony answer.” A struggle for meaning and of life by proxy – the human aspect keeps speculation of consistency at the edge of the palisades. Suppose we’ll never get there.

US3R – I wanna be famous

“This song is about how we surround ourselves with people on social media to feel loved and less alone. The lyrics use fame as a metaphor for love and acceptance.” There’s nothing more pure and naughty as the birthing potency of social media. Seductive and never forgiving, it’s a double edged sword you’d always knew you’d wanted. Word.


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