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JES – Imagination (Acoustic Video)

“I’ve always loved performing up close like this, the raw emotion comes through without any barriers,” she said when asked about what prompted the acoustic series. “It’s more representative of what inspires my songs and I’m excited for everyone to hear these new authentic versions”. JES continues her series of impromptu live performance videos, with a guitar-based version of her Billboard #1 hit ‘Imagination’. This chart topping, award winning New Yorker, delivers with apt thrust and empathy in this poignant version for the soul. The artist who easily puts down her talents as a singer/songwriter, and within the pop and EDM related fields, give her listeners the vibes that we want to feel, with ample attitude and grace. JES’ highly anticipated ‘Memento’, a future-spective album, is set to drop early in the coming new year. It will be followed by an acoustic-only album as part of the package and looks set to be a must-have release in 2020.

Two Too Many – Tough To Love

Off of their latest LP, the title single ‘Tough To Love’, once again, pulls all the strings to demonstrate the urging power and grace of Two Too Many’s rock-ness. In the best traditions of Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, so on, the band from Amsterdam, continues to kick it fair and square for their audience. Hard-hitting classically choreographed is the blue-collar vibes for the grit within you.

Cannibal Kids – I Keep My Eyes Closed

Cannibal Kids, announce the video “I Keep My Eyes Close,” ahead of their album Dead Heads, due out February 2020. Legend goes that Damian Gutierrez (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) and Dustin Diaz (Lead Guitar) met in Middle school and started making music together, playing in multiple projects across different styles. Damian later met Luke Faulkingham (Drums) and formed and played as the band, “No Compromise”. Learning the ropes of the local Miami scene, and building their music profile, the band eventually transitioned into Cannibal Kids. Whoa. They released their EP Cake Daze in 2016. This compilation of indie-pop tunes has gathered thousands of listens across the web. Cannibal Kids rock and pop into your heart.

Craig Greenberg – Sailed Ships

“I wrote the song right around the end of my 30’s, when I started to look back on my life for the first time and, also for the first time, think about opportunities both professional and personal, that I missed. It is definitely as personal a song as I’ve ever put out there, addressing my sense of not feeling quite ‘successful’ in music in the conventional way…” Craig Greenberg, the Queens, NY-based singer/songwriter is getting ready for the release of his full album in 2020. And he though, why not release some tasty and fun singles along the way? So, he did. One of them is ‘Sailed Ships’ and the Billy Joel-esque fun time, singles out the personal angst and challenges from the artist, with the vibrant, ‘lessons learned’ positivity of a person who just will do just about anything to keep his passion the crux of his life. Craig does this with touch of class and contrasts, charmingly depicted in his lyrics, then playfully dancing away the night, arm in arm with the notes that he offers. Smiles all around. See Craig next @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC December 22nd.

Zach Katz – One Big Never-Ending Moment

2015 in the beautiful Allston, Massachusetts. That’s relatively a long time ago. But fun-ness and duty-free scrumptiousness is forever. Never degrades in freshness. It never gets old. The surf-rock lo-fi slacker vibes of Zach Katz single is exactly that. Charming and danceable, the oddly paced and looping explanation for a song, really delivers in product and ambitious fervor. Rightly or wrongly, we’d stated about Zach: “An enigma unto himself, the artist with the antithetically vibrant musical aesthetic..” We think he’d agree to some of that analysis, as his music, is certainly a pill that is multi-colored, large and in charge. No excuses as he puts out the vibes out into his and others’ worlds.


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