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FIVE // jman & the pigs : Penn Johnson : Les Gold : Shyclops : Mabes

jman & the pigs

jman & the pigs – SEA OF DREAMS

“‘SEA OF DREAMS’ is about wanting your family unit to stay together despite the demands of the outside world, and that feeling of wanting to stay in a good moment permanently,” said jman & the pigs. “The film clip story is about a struggling musicians efforts to follow his dreams and make it to a gig.” A common story, made uncommon. When the individual story means that each turn of the wheel and each crossing of the sidewalks, our clock of future determinations morph and turn into ‘our’ story. A story of struggles, hate, worry, angst. A story of happiness, joy, contentment, unbridled fulfillment. A mix of each… a mix of all, come flowing down the river of life, and with that, a genuine confusion for how things will turn out, is guaranteed. That’s why we call it an ‘adventure’, eh? ‘SEA OF DREAMS’ is exactly that. One soul looking outwards, trying to make the ends meet. Wheels turn, without grip most of the time. But your fuel for your passion, presses you to go forth, even in the impending promise of darkness. This is the first song off of the 8 track album ‘happysad’ (February 2020).

Penn Johnson – Morning Comes Again (featuring Barbara Light Lacy on Flute)

“Acoustic folk w/ ethereal flute recorded on a ’60s gibson. original vocals, chill, relaxing, contemplative. been living the folksinging life for 6 yrs..” Since 2015, Penn Johnson has been traveling the country projecting stories through song. It started with giving away nearly everything he owned and hitting the road. He began writing protest songs for environmental awareness and has shifted to writing about mindful practices that keep him grounded. “I tell people my genre is Medicinal Folk because people often tell me these songs help them heal and put to words thoughts they haven’t been able to explain. To me, they’re mantras to myself; reminders to stay connected to the earth and to walk with spirit through the trials of life. We’re often told following our passions won’t work out, that we need a Plan B, and that art will never pay the bills. I hope to act as an inspiration of someone who is living and thriving by simple means. I reflect on this a lot because I know just how crazy it is to start from nothing and find your way toward your truth and your path.” A native of Massachusetts, Penn has traveled the US for most of his adult life. Penn lives in his camper van touring and traveling wherever he is called.

Les Gold – Before I Go

“‘Before I Go’ is about the uncertainty, fear and migration of past bad habits into a new year. Whether it’s a former lover, an addiction, or a life change, waiting for the right moment to forge a new path inevitably becomes a self-defeating proposition. As much as we want to leave our former selves, the toxic comforts of the past retain their hold.” Portland indie-rock quartet Les Gold was founded by frontmen Jenson Tuomi and Travis Ezell out of a lifetime of friendship and musical exploration. Together with lead guitarist Tim Kaye, bassist Nick Wright, and drummer Walter Stern, the band has cultivated a sound that mixed homegrown Northwest indie-rock with elements of pop-punk, folk rock, 1950’s r&b, dream pop, and a plethora of other influences.

Shyclops – Let’s Flow Together

Stated Shyclops: “It’s a chill, relaxing, romantic tune that gives you an impression of beautiful afternoon/evening with someone adorable and you just want things to fall in place effortlessly. Free your mind, let go of the past, future, and expectations, just see what will happens, and let’s flow together.” Maybe you wanted to fall. Fall in love in an emphatic thump. Surely that’s how it should be. But it was okay to fall, in the same way it has always been. You, him, her, together, working towards a goal for the betterment of our romantic dexterity. Reality is more fun than our combined fantasies. Let’s love, anyways. We deserve it.

Mabes – Wait & See

‘Wait and see’ is ultimately a song about “hope, and that most things are never as bad as they seem at the time,” said Mabes. “Like a lot of girls, I struggled with friends and fall outs at school – kids are so mean, because they don’t understand the implications of their actions. I spent many nights crying in bed because I didn’t want to go to school the next day. My mum supported me through these tough nights and would always say “just wait and see ’til the morning, everything seems so much worse at night, a little morning sunlight through the window will make everything seem better”. Her 7-track mini album, rounds up a big first year for the delicately and beautifully constructed works of Mabes. The English singer/songwriter from Essex, makes it hard not to fall for her songs of honesty and genuine clarity.


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