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Julia Marcell

Julia Marcell – Infinity Halt

‘Infinity Halt’ is the first single announcing the album ‘Skull Echo’, accompanied by a music video directed by Julia and produced by Sputnik Studio. Julia Marcell is a singer-songwriter and a writer/director living between Berlin and Warsaw. Her work has been released in Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and appreciated by the audiences, colleagues and taste makers around the world. Her last short film “Night Herald” premiered at 2018th Achtung Berlin and won Best Editing at 2nd Great Message International Film Festival in India. And it’s apparent to feel her vibe and the thirst for expanding the edges with a song like ‘Infinity Halt’. The veteran artist glides over suppositions like sled on fine powder. With glimpses of tactile educations, bursting at the seams in this single, the stripped down rawness of the synth, guides you with the depth of the Universe and its gravitational fervor. See her beauty in her works next @ Stary Maneż, Gdansk, Poland on February 23rd.

The American Man – Ballad of a Controlled Man

Rude, real, optimistic, billowing curt issues with the world – the words of a man who’d been “swallowed by a whale” then “spit out” on to the shore, imminently clash with this surroundings and utters the depths of his soul. A curiosity of why and where he’s ended up; the way he is and has evolved into – a grand decision by the Universe, in which he knows not one iota of truth. “The songs gives several allusions to Dylan’s lyrics and other literary figures. The song makes most sense within the whole album subtitled The millennial schizophrenic blues. The character singing these songs would be, to put it strangely psychologically unhinged and the style of the tune would be in continuity with early american folk in the the style of talking blues and long running ballads.” It’s a solemn vestige of curiosities, in which we all can be consumed. ‘Ballad of a Controlled Man’ is of that ilk and acknowledgement of the elephant in that monstrous room. The struggle continues.

Giants Of Jericho – What Can I Say

The song’s gritty intensity draws inspiration from a yearning to seize the day, embracing the impermanence of life and stretching beyond the daily grind to a greater calling. ‘What Can I Say’ is the first single from the band’s Debut EP ‘The Fuss and the Feud’, which is currently scheduled for release in Mid 2020. And dang. It sure does kick your butt. With ground shaking vocals and Interpol like ominous grit, which grips and tangles, and whips your blood into a curdle. The single was produced by Giants Of Jericho songwriter and vocalist Ben Taylor, and knowing the energy he was channeling needed to be refined by those who are intimate with his sensibilities, the song has been mixed by Peter Katis (Gang Of Youths, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, The National) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, The Arctic Monkeys, Husky). Whoa. Word, yo.

Spillway – Autumn Leaves

Inspired by the sounds of early Weezer and other 90’s indie rock and grunge outfits, Autumn Leaves is a gritty-yet-poppy track about feeling alone and lost when thrown into new and foreign territory. “This struggle to adapt to ever-changing circumstances is one that young adults face constantly, making Autumn Leaves a song that is easy to connect to and understand on a personal level.” The song was written by college attendees at the University of Virginia and they thought, “Yea, this song will kick butt.” They weren’t wrong. Spillway is a punk-inspired indie rock outfit formed out of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Band Members David, Justin, Hill, and Jake met through involvement with the Charlottesville radio station WTJU and began writing music together in 2016. In songs like this, there is always the irreverent and psychological accident that is always present at the edges. ‘Autumn Leaves’ takes that urgent essence and makes it known that it has kept its oath. The oath to defend and faithfully execute the duties of punk and its many sects of sub-genres. Spillway, does us proud. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is one of many fabulously fun singles from the gang from the big VA.

updog – get home

From his debut EP ‘closure’ comes updog’s latest single ‘get home’. The debut is a 2-track EP, and with the offering, the anonymous singer-songwriter has since developed a following that can only be attributed to the string of captivating singles from then onwards. updog said: “‘Closure’ is a really important project to me personally. I wrote it during a time of big changes in my life. The two tracks in the EP outline a journey”. The artist added: “When you lose someone you truly care about, you never really move on from that, you just learn how to live without them… The more you run away from the problem, the more you decide to not face your sadness head on, the harder it becomes. You put your life on pause that moment, and suddenly you feel like you’re back to square one. ‘Get home’ is that frustration, realizing as great as you think it would feel, you haven’t truly taken the right steps to move on and get closure, and you still feel emptiness.” A succinct derision of sanctified attribution for life, and the absolute unfairness, comes through in this wavy empathy that is both apathetically nihilistic in ‘get home’. A contrast that is both real and pure.


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