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Kapeesh – Lampshade

“The wallflower has evolved- or devolved for that matter. Party-goers and rump shakers alike are countered by a new threat these days… the guy who’s too cool to dance. His energy (in some cases) paralyzes the crowd and before you know it, you’re staring at a room full of wallflowers in their final form. Not on my watch!” What can you say after that statement, and a half. Exciting and irreverent, ‘Lampshade’ is a pokey stigma that is both hiphop oriented but lives in depth inside our heads. Kapeesh convinces with a dynamic conflagration, where you’re punk for punk sake. And that is the way to go, son!

Catch a Dinosaur – Pyramid

We’d stated that the band somehow: “Imbues the feelings and vibes that you’d want, with the vocal silence that is sumptuously deserved. In the best traditions of the likes of living legends of Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and David Gilmour..” ‘Pyramid’ continues that trend, off of their mini album ‘Elevator Music’. There’s nothing that is ‘elevator music’ at all on the print, but it absolutely comes with all of the feelings and juxtapositions that they’d hope you’d vibe. Yes. More please. With beautifully shining vocals, and psyche-tinged guitar playing arrangements, the universe is at your feet.

Behrooz Parham – Lanat (Damnation)

Prolific artist, Behrooz Parham, takes us on a tantric vigil in ‘Lanat’. Tehran, Iran based Behrooz, utilizes all of his knowledge of rock and traditional roots based antecedents, to grind out this smooth valence of harried and subtle musical fair. The darkened sparkles writhe with joy, as the upwards looking chants of anthemic vibes, grasp at the throat of fairness and metal nostalgia. ‘Lanat’ is off of their latest LP ‘Shab’, and it follows strings of singles and collections that are fabulously embedded in the clutches of digitized electro-rock. The edges of experimentation isn’t far away as the songs of thought and surmises, glean with apropos judgements and expectations.

Michael Rose – Tornado

“I met an angel in Frankfurt; she had scars at various angles on arm from when she used to cut herself as a teen. Angry at the world, I wrote this song out of my love for her. I just wish I could sing it to her back in time, when she needed it the most.” Michael Rose proposes a damning surge of the ‘what if’. But sometimes even in the exercise of a supposition, it gets too hard. Too hard to find out that we could have made a difference. We could have been a part of that history. That we – as just one grain in a Trillion grains – can be a start to something bigger. A tone of atonement and inner strength comes off the speculations of Michael’s mix in voice and pace. “We’ve all had those moments: when you think things just can’t get any worse. When you feel so lonely, so vulnerable… Moments when all you wanted was to be loved, to be understood – to be heard… I couldn’t fall asleep that night, thinking about her. How her scars came at different angles on her arm. And how there were so many of them that it almost looked like a tornado. And how all I wanted with my whole being was to go back in time and be there for her when she needed it most.” Michael’s stadium single is ready for radio and will continue to be so. Wonderful addition to the musical universe, by the Tel-Aviv Israel based artist.

OWL – Rotten Liver

OWL is Lisa Brett (bass), Brendan Tween (lead g), Andy Malm (drums), and Leyla G (vox &guitar). And their single ‘Rotten Liver’ is oh so very, indubitably, visceral and rock n’ roll. It’s raw and down to the granular viscosity of what rock is, and always be. ‘Rotten Liver’ can mean anything you’d like. But just like everything that Leyla G and the gang brings, it’s the vibrant rebellion that can all relate to. The punk rushes in, takes over tower of excuses, and decimates with honesty and lyrical goodness. We wholly recommend listening to their other singles. The constant and consistent grating of power chords and well placed angst, is a cheerleading nightmare – of which you’ll fall in love with. Growl. OWL is based out of Connecticut. Take that. Oh, and Leyla G’s vocals is fabulous, indeed.


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