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Katmaz – Alone (with me)

We feel silly sometimes. Even in the most cruelest and down-est times of our lives. Relationships make us high. And they also make us so very depressed. But neither is forever. A nice middle ground becomes the norm, as the love between two, becomes more practical. That’s what all our parents and grandparents know. Looking at the white ceiling, blank and bare in your bedroom, the only image you have is of your ex. What had gone wrong? What happened that you deserve this hell on earth? “Focus on nothing. It wasn’t you that caused this catastrophe,” you tell yourself. But you just can’t help but be distracted by the utter silence of the phone next to you, seemingly taunting you. Taunting you of the fact that there’s no one available to say sweet nothings to you. Someone to call, when your fellow workmate frustrated the heck out of you. And there’s no one to fight over, something that seems, in hindsight, very much insignificant. You want that back. You want it all back. Riiiiiiing!! Wow, could this be him?!! “Oh hi mom.” Katmaz’ single ‘Alone’ is fun and accepting. Those puppets were a fab touch, weren’t they?? Word. Katmaz wrote and directed the “Alone (With Me)” video and teamed up with Andy Morin as his director of photography and editor.

Mild West – Need You Bad (feat. Prude & Bugle Bot)

“We recorded all the instruments in this funky electronic song, including vocals, guitar, saxophone, and keys.” Originating from Atlanta, GA, Mild West fuses funk, electronica and a unique soulful vocal sound. His name is Louis Raffaele. And Louis doesn’t care who you are. He wants you to dance. Get up yo. You can do it. He has confidence. Have to make 100 copies of the CEO’s end of year manifesto to the office? Shake your booty. Have to take care of that speeding ticket at the DMV?? Shake your booty. Have to pick up the ring for your fiancé?? Shake your booty (and your credit card). Louis is dancin’ with ‘Need You Bad’. Why aren’t you??

Kipani – Get Up

Kipani is the project of Tiffany Jhingoor- a songwriter currently living in Binghamton, New York. “This song was written as an anthem of encouragement,” said Tiffany, “that no matter what you are going through there is likely someone who is sharing a similar experience. And, if you are unhappy with where you are the best thing you can do is ‘get up’ and take the first stride towards change for the better.” The broadway-esque single is a singalong that is broodingly overflowing with pushing the positivity that is evident in Kipani’s own personal sphere of influence. Life, love, family, friends – with those pillars available, it’s okay to be down. For when you’re down, they will still be there. So, get strong once more, and life up your chin with gumption. There’s lots to love about the here and now. Kipani sure thinks so.

Ngels – Melange

‘Melange’ is from the new pop-rock project, Ngels. And they will be releasing their full length album in 2020. Following up their single ‘Higher’ (Ngels’ first single), and the band delivered a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist/producer Clint Holgate, with no uncertain terms for wafting goodness. Now with the newest single ‘Melange’, the group helps us feel the kind of “love letter to a bar in [Salt Lake City]’. We think it’s a song of appreciation and maybe gratitude to the rolls of good and weird times that the band remembers. And as the song’s flow of chill decadence continue, you can relate with a sultry sigh, as your own memories of such fun dangle once more in your mind. Look for more from the gang.

The Mint – Such a Good Day

“The song is about todays relations disguised in lies, hidden emotions, craving for something not specific…” As you look on the palm of your hand, you phase into a glimpse of daydreaming that you’d wanted for a long time. A kind of revelry evokes in your cells, and the glory of the sunlit afternoon, warms your thoughts and the work that lies ahead. A time of relaxation, as the coffee taste of your espresso are gulped down your throat. “Tastes good”, you surmised. And as the opinions of your mind, reset to zero, your focus is lit once more and sparks with the impending confidence you’d always had for an assignment. Taking the pen in your hand, flipping it once, as a helicopter blade does, you jot down the name of your mark. “Sorry, mate. You’re next. It’s just business.” You sigh once more. Now ready, in full.


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