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FIVE : Kitchenette // Sinqa // Sean Christopher // The Log Noggins // Hannah Ashcroft

Kitchenette – The Sub

“When i became a dad I really had to find my way into this new situation, and it was a struggle with times. Made me feel like I was in a submarine and detached from the life at the surface, the life I knew before.” Kitchenette is a project from Chris O. Kikic. And the Bosnia (based in the Netherlands) originating singer/guitarist has a way of sprinkling potions of love and understanding in ‘The Sub’. A sentimentally weighty indie fair, ‘The Sub’ freezes on contact with the perceivable foolishness of life and an unadulterated sequence of the mind – the heart. All encompassing vibrance radiate with exuding-ly optimistic guitar notes, parting way and means with the husk to be fulfilled.

Sinqa – Clay

Sinqa is a 25-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Paris, France, he writes, records and produces all his music himself. The ‘fantasy of fame’ is the subject line for title track ‘Clay’. Morphing and liquid; somber and arm’s length – the inquisitive skin of the born again attitudes, seek out the higher echelons of glamor and the couture life style. The road, like any other, is fraught with dangers, and mines. An explosion of revelry, might turn into a devastation of limbs and emotional catastrophe. Will the protagonist survive this succulent and withdrawing, vibe of existence? Sinqa delivers in the somber petulance, in day-time thoughts and in-depth pension in ‘Clay’. The existence to live, maybe the death of our social worthiness. Worth it by the end? Only one must answer that question. The EP is out now.

Sean Christopher – Oheja

Dutch born Bristol based singer-songwriter and composer Sean Christopher sings ‘Oheja’. Beautiful, contemplative, exotic – the song brings far off worlds of thoughts, into the arms of the local. Said Sean: “‘Oheja’ is an ode to the one you love. It is about that feeling you experience when you connect on deeper levels. An ode to someone who is closer to you than any other person”. An alumni of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Codarts in Rotterdam, where he studied music production, Sean began creating music for films and commercials immediately after graduating. His song ‘Everything’ (2014), composed and produced for an international car commercial, reached over a million streams on Spotify. Soft and delicious, calls to arms and promises of promises, are beautifully delivered in ‘Oheja’.

The Log Noggins – Drag Me Out

“‘Drag Me Out’ tells the story of our front man’s (Adrian) head injury which inspired our band name. While kayaking with a group of friends, Adrian tied on to a bank near a smoldering tree, they couldn’t see the tree but could smell the smoke. Suddenly the tree fell and he was struck in the back side of his skull, nearly killing him. His friends had to drag him out of the river and call an ambulance to save his life.” Story tellers? By the riverside bonfire? You get the picture, right? The Log Noggins’ single is indicative of the vibe that the band brings. A folksy, blues rendered effervescence is always consuming and talented-ly afforded in the edges of the song. A story that is told, ‘Drag Me Out’ makes you move in uncertain formality and automatic acceptance.

Hannah Ashcroft – Landfire

“The track evolved from an intense living situation while working in the outback. It was a strange sensation, feeling both socially overwhelmed and completely isolated in a small, rural town.” Influenced by 60s songwriters, 90s alternative and a love of classical literature, she combines her unique guitar style with arresting vocals and poetic narratives. Hannah Ashcroft is a Manchester based singer/songwriter and guitarist. And when she talks to you through her single ‘Landfire’, the utter simplicity and majesty of her forthcoming and brooding exaltations, glide into your premise of living. Gumption is in display through the bridge of ‘Landfire’ and you love it for its mainframe of edge and production. The lively results bleed through the ending of the song, where an extravaganza of anthemic pride, effortlessly gain your fandom. Hannah has juice, and shows it off for your musical enjoyment. The way it should be. See her next for her single launch shindig @ YES, in Manchester December 18th.


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